Three-Way All in for $375,000!

, , and get all the in the middle on !

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Three-Way All in for $375,000!

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  1. Why is the caster screen bigger than the table screen?! I thought we went through this already

    1. they too want their share of spotlight i guess. i dont need to see them and their fancy studio either though.

  2. make the commentators’ screen abit bigger please! why would anyone want to see the actual players??

  3. Make the commentator screen bigger and more often please…. It’s been such a universally popular idea 👍 in fact do we really need to see the card room at all? Thanks

    1. I agree let them just describe to us what’s happening and take their word for it. We don’t need to see the hole cards, percentages, pot size or anything.

  4. Bro, please don’t show the commentator screen. It literally doesn’t add any value to these videos and it is the last thing we want to see in the middle of a hand.

  5. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy to lose…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Perssons = dbag donk

  6. After what he did to Hellmuth this is bitter sweet; I hope he goes bust-o & never returns.

  7. Stop split screen and show the commentators, they are there like furniture…. we have no interest in seeing them

    1. Owns maverick gaming.. Worth about 400 mill …. sure he don’t mind… like me and you losing £10

    2. You don’t actually think Persson is worth $400 mill do you? No sources even come close to that figure. Also, have you ever been to one of his casinos? They’re mostly hole in the walls and the staff complains about how crappy it’s gotten since Maverick took over lol. But hey, defend a donkey lol.

  8. How do you call it “No Gamble No Future” and then allow multiple boards?

  9. I remember hearing the commentators a while back saying something about having a screen for them. The fans don’t want it, stop please.

  10. More than 1 board just isn’t poker. Call me old fashioned . But one and done is what it should be

  11. I would like the commentators on full screen please and thank you. Could you also mute the players mics because Jeff Platt is amazing to listen to

  12. Persson calling for an Ace on the River when he was drawing dead on the first board was hilarious! 😂

  13. So Hanks 4-bet and then 6-bet all-in with 88???? I thought he was a solid player. That was some donkey stuff right there. He’s lucky to have chopped that pot.

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