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  1. thanks for the content!
    I greeted you in person at PCA 2011, at the event party in Nassau, we were all pretty wasted😂 you are the best

  2. When you play 10x hands you see 10x madness. This is regular everyday for online poker. You either get used to it or cant take it like 90% or people/players. Gotta he able to handle both sides of the coin.

    1. There is only one side on GG bad players win because they lose it back in rake good players lose so they don’t withdraw

  3. I’ve been watching for 10 minutes now and this guy has gotten pocket tens 50 times in a row! This is crazy! (what?)

  4. Do you get the same run outs as the rest of us. No one wins on GG is it true your leaving GG ?

  5. I love how Negreanu practices his reading ability by reading an algorithmically generated variance.. he’s a mad man.. and a genius

  6. Daniel has said not one word to the poker community about the scandal on he not one of the ambassadors?

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