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  1. With all the beats ive seen brewer take…happy for the guy..sick run out nh gg

    1. @@dronejonne4355it’s called expected return. And total winnings on the tracking means nothing lol…doesn’t account for buyins and other vices. I know of a guy who has 2.5M in a “winnings”…well, he’s up about $500k.

    2. He didn’t immediately win, he was the one all in..
      That being said, what a miracle turn and river, especially the river lol.
      Also he gave a lot of other bad beats to get here. So regardless of how many he took, he gave many more.

    3. @@jonslg240 He did immediately win he was not the one all in. Just wanted to clear that up for you he actually had almost a 2-1 chip lead. Just because it says all in next to his name they are just showing the action of the hand.

  2. He has been in so MANY bad beats. He deserved to go runner runner to win super high roller tournament.
    Congrats Chris

    1. “ who tf goes all in with 7 kicker, un******, Jesus ***** Christ. Wtf is this”

      *Hellmuth probably*

    1. ​@@HansWurst-pu8dhyoud relax after getting one of the worst river card defeats you’d ever see? Ah ok champ.

    2. It’s ok. Still came second. I would say get beaten with AK at swop final table by a river straight is an amicable beat

    1. You cant choose thumbnails for shorts. I know because I upload every week

  3. So happy for Brewer the only pro that has strong enough mind to deal with Martin.

    1. If by “strong enough mind” you mean a coward and too afraid to call it out. Dan Smith handled this the way a real man should….called him out to his face. Now look at all the coward bandwagon riders riding his coattails (everyone knew Kabrhel was a pos but said nothing)….but yes be happy for someone playing horrible and hitting a 3 outer 👍🏻. (3 outer when the money went in pre, because I know the keyboard warriors are coming).

    2. @sageikeda4434  Ace 7 deserved to beat AK, you’re right such a masterful play. You can tell chat “pros” never leave their parents basement.

  4. I watched this. He deserves this, got through all the bad beats to finally get a runner runner dodging one of the spades. Gg asides from the other controversy at the table during this match you played great Chris

  5. you should also put in the after match emotional speech, Brewer deserves this and I don’t want to see people comment that he is a luck box based on this one hand. Kudos!

  6. Brewer was gracious as any one could be sitting next to Kabrhel, never got rattled. Felt like he earned that 6 of diamonds

    1. Definitely. I can’t believe how many petty people are in this game. Disliking someone’s antics and cheating are worlds apart

  7. What an epic final table. The shenanigans, the drama, with Brewer, seemingly short stacked throughout the whole event, managing to keep his chips. This Poker Pro has been through so many disappointments it unbelievable. He truly deserved that six on the river.
    Jeff Platt’s electric commentary was spot on for such an exciting moment.
    This final table with Brewer’s climatic ending will be talked about for years to come .
    Congratulations, Chris Brewer , you deserve it.

  8. Brewer made me almost tear up because I’ve seen what he’s been through in so many tourneys. I was so happy he caught this straight!

    1. You’re tearing up for people who have enough money to post $250k for a tournament? lol ok.

    2. @@TheMasterhomaster yeah lol I get that. But imagine playing those games getting deep for years and never winning when you do the right thing statistically every time. Emotions are painful no matter how rich

  9. Normally wouldn’t want to see someone take it down on a suck out, but he is the exception

  10. For anyone wondering like me, this was the WSOP $250,000 buy-in super high roller main event. There were 69 entrants.

    1. We didn’t need proof for that, anyone with a functioning brain could tell you that.

  11. The classic counting out the chips before the card is dealt. We all knew he’d win at that point.

  12. Wow just wow. This is PURE SKILL. The best in the game. The most talented. What an All-In and it beat AK with a flush draw. A masterpiece, an engineered marvel.

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