They Forced Me to Straddle $48 in $1/2! | BRC Poker Vlog #8

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They Forced Me to Straddle $48 in $1/2! | BRC Poker #8

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  1. rampage with the BOT action as always !!! keep it up rampage also keep up the run good on the HLC stream!!

  2. Makes my day brother. Love your content. Keep up the great work!
    Come to tunica and play. I’ll set it up for you.

  3. Next time I go to the states I’m going to fly to wherever you are to play with you. You’re a good opponent.

  4. *4:53:50** Let’s just take a minute to congratulate how much time and passion he put in the video?*
    *It is great, and I consider they deserve much more than that* 🙃

  5. Fun as always, but if the purpose of this “bankroll challenge” series was to connect with players trying to build a bankroll at low stakes, this one fails right in the title, lol. I guess “I stayed hydrated and played fundamentally solid poker all night” just doesn’t get the clicks.

    1. Totally agree. This kind of thing should be kept separate from the bankroll challenge. It was a cool and relevant series for a couple videos and has gone totally downhill since then.

  6. I like how that one guy is sitting with 2 red chips and 3 white chips for like 14 dollars at 3:11 LMFAO 1/3 at its best

  7. I’m impressed that there wasn’t more punting. Showing some good discipline!

  8. Yo I was in Cherokee for WSOP monster stack tournament. It was my first big tournament and I got 30th out of 3110 entries.
    If I had seen you I would have said hey and wished you some run good.
    Great vid, catch you next time!

  9. Going to try poker in the casino for the first time soon in MA. Rampage do you think driving the extra hour to go to MGM Springfield over Encore is worth it. Anyone have experience with the two poker rooms?

  10. Very drunk 1/2 got straddled. 4, 8, 16, 32, 64. Can’t remember much but the dealer said it was one of the most nuts table he’s seen.

  11. We’re going to play some real poker… I have 75 suited and raise…🤣🤣

  12. Love this series ethan! Bankroll challenge is a great idea and these daily uploads are awesome. Keep crushing it. Hustler stream was insane last night 👏🔥

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