The Weirdest Phil Hellmuth Interview [Tough Conversations with Will Jaffe]

made his method to the PokerGO Studio for some Hard Conversations but he could hardly get a word in with !

– See do what he does best, winning poker competitions:
– Enjoy more from on his Twitter page:

The Weirdest Phil Hellmuth Interview [Tough Conversations with Will Jaffe]

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  1. Human race vs tanking… Same but different.. but STILL the same 😂😂

  2. Love the format; love Will’s side glances. The editing and graphics adds to the hilarity. More please!💬💬💬

  3. So, you’ve been losing some money on streams. Phil: PRIVATE JETS PRIVATE JETS PRIVATE JETS. Uh…OK, and you just sold your house, coincidence? Phil: PRIVATE PARTY WITH ELON MUSK MOVIE WITH JOHN TRAVOLTA (fingers in ears) NANANANANANANANA!!! OK, thanks for the interview..

  4. So much for “tough conversations” – softball interview through and through

    1. His tournament results are strong. No doubt a strong tourney player but crappy cash player. Can’t stand players who enjoy disrespecting other players. Unless he’s getting very very lucky it always happens. Combined with his constant bragging & name dropping can’t stand him. Phil Hellmuth is the worst possible role model for younger players. ✌️

  5. Positivity sold 10,000 copies. Hellmuths expectation 1,000,000. So only 990,000 difference between reality and what actually goes on inside Phil’s head 😂

  6. Here’s a man who just loves the sound of he’s own voice……………………so sad really.

  7. Phil is the GOAT at name dropping. I also love him speaking about positivity and straight out stating “I’m not a hater!”. This guy has it all! Except maybe from a recollection of how he acts and speaks on several occasions.

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