We're back with another hand breakdown from the latest season of High Stakes Poker airing solely on . This season we fight versus Phil Ivey, Tom , Patrick Antonius, and Doyle Brunson. In the hand we go over how range benefit can impact your wager sizing, enjoy!

1:50 Preflop
3:52 Flop
5:58 Turn
7:39 River

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  1. Thanks for your takes on Poker analysis as well as you getting wacky! Your RUN (GOOD) so far this season so far has been SWEEEEEETTTT!

  2. Dnegs, considering the fact that by the river, your range consists of more value than bluffs, was the massive overbet just to polarize your hand more and to not give Slot King the odds to call?

    1. I was thinking the same thing, but with the live read playing balanced goes out the window, only way that bet works is an overbet

    2. The ? I’m curious about is, would he still overbet the river based on his live read if it came a dud that didn’t pair the board, because when it comes to poker theory over betting a polarized board is a big no no

  3. Next time I’m calling!! Jokes aside, good Analysis. I really enjoy watching you break down the hand, helps me and others to learn how to think at the highest level poker games 😊

  4. Awesome , the title should have a warning “do not try this at home , all participants are professionals, you may get hurt if tried”…
    PS coming to Vegas in April and managed to get Knights tickets against the Caps on April 20. Can’t wait.

  5. @DNegs, Thanks for the analysis. I totally agree with your description of using theory combined with using physical tells. I only wish I could do it as well as you.

    I do have one issue, however, with your theory on this play. I’ve watched many videos by you and others where you do arrive at the river with a hand that is the effective nuts, such as if you had the straight flush or else had AA that filled up on the river. When you are in that situation, you never seem to make this overbet. Instead, you are asking, “What hands am I targeting with this bet? If I make a big overbet, then am I hoping that a Js is going to call? No, very likely he won’t. So I’m specifically targeting the Ks or maybe the Qs, but I would have heard from them on the turn, or I’m targeting smaller boats, which likely would have folded the turn. Therefore, a big overbet makes no sense. I’m only going to get called by a boat or better, which I can’t really put him on.”

    So my point is, I agree with the polarizing overbet here, and that you need some bluffs in that range. However, I never see you using it when you do have the value part of the range, which means that your overbet range is bluff-heavy, or even bluffs only. I’m waiting to see you arrive at this river with the straight flush and see you say, “I’m going to overbet here, knowing that only boat or quads will call, because I have to balance the bluffs I would have when I get here with 6d4d.” Am I just not watching enough videos?

  6. Would you still have overbet the river since you had the live read if the river came something like 5d?

  7. KIM HALTMAN THE LEGEND! Can we talk about how he was up 150k a few days later 🤣

  8. Love your play man, but in all honesty I would never pay to watch people play with what I don’t even make in a year

  9. Note to self: If I ever play against Daniel – always pay the overbet. 🤣🤣

  10. Mister Dingsum ! Don’t be scared of us canadians we don’t bite to often 😉 haha great analysis of hand a real tough spot

  11. A great bluff!! I had basically the same hand in diamonds. It came to the river, I had the king of diamonds, bet big, the villain called with the Ace of diamonds. He slow played it to the end. I’m still licking my wounds.

  12. Hey Daniel! I ordered modern poker & play optimal poker 1&2. Do you think those are good starters for understanding GTO? I have watched a ton of your stuff and understand it at a basic level but am wanting to understand it in depth to raise my game.

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