The MOST DARING & SAVAGE Play I’ve Ever Made! 3-Bet ALL IN On River! 2023 Stats! Poker Vlog EP 284

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The MOST DARING & SAVAGE Play I've Ever Made! 3-Bet ALL IN On River! 2023 Stats! EP 284

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  1. Hope you have an excellent 2024, Brad. Nice job on a profitable 2023! Your videos are always on point in all categories. Thanks for providing consistently great content. Congrats on your little one coming soon! 😎

  2. Congrats Brad! I’ve always loved watching you over any other vlogger. Your insight is top notch and the humor is unrivaled. I wish you continued success in both life and poker. Having a son was my biggest “bink” of all time and I’m sure it will be for you as well. Maybe my son will be watching Henry’s vlogs in a few decades lol. Happy New Year!

  3. “ I wouldn’t want to have AK off suit in under the gun plus one” *immediately next clip* “I have AK off suit in UTG+1” your humor is hilarious Brad 😂 great vlog I really enjoyed this one

  4. Thanks Brad. It’s encouraging to see all of your hard work. For better or worse. It’s important for us to to see the variance in real life

    1. Can someone tell me if Brad Owen is mentally challenged? Serious question. He speaks in a monotone voice and has dry personality. Someone please explain how this regard plays poker for a living even though he is a losing lifetime.

  5. that was a super sick play, I think it works almost every time against a player who isn’t in the “call and go home” mentality. Even if it doesn’t work it is good for balance. Never be afraid to go for it when the time is right

    1. I disagree, First of all, the player had great odds calling the raise. Secondly Brad having hearts and putting the big blind on hearts without high cards does not make a lot of sense. You don’t want to have hearts in your hand when u bluff this spot, you unblock the blockers.
      But Brad showed a lot of heart and that’s what I fuckkng love about him. Very entertaining.

    2. It’s a terrible play and he picked the worst person to bluff. You don’t need to find crazy ways to punt off your stack while giving your opponent too good of odds to fold. You shouldn’t bluff the guy on tilt who just got bluffed big.

    3. he didnt put the big blind on hearts, he just mentioned that as a possibility. he put him on a set, and repped AK or better very well throughout the hand.

  6. One of the things I love about these blogs is your honesty Brad! Keep up the good work mate

  7. I’m so glad you show all this back end stuff for the realism… these swings are truly wild, and it’s worth it for us to see this and know that it’s not all binks and good times.

  8. You see that right there that A/K joke is why you’re the best that actually made me laugh at work

  9. Nar fr that bluff play was fun 😂😂. I thoroughly enjoyed this vid Brad. It is your job, but when you make ballsy plays it’s always a good time. I appreciate you showing the mediocre hands as well. The most common hands are the most difficult to play so it was very insightful!

    1. Haha I’m glad you got some enjoyment out of it. The losing sessions tend to be the most beneficial.

    1. I think it’s so cool to see a special need person attempt to play poker. Much love and support brad

  10. Great to see you ended up with a very successful year. I watched those Lodge streams in Feb and felt terrible for you. Glad to see you rebounded!

  11. This is why you are one of the best poker vloggers on the scene right now. You show your good AND bad days, letting everyone know that even the best have their down swings. I am sure you will get your Brad Bucks back in the next session and wish you a successful 2024!

  12. That was an amazing bluff. You need to move up the stakes to where people respect your raises

  13. Wow what a ride in 2023. Always makes me smile thinking about how it all started and watching the videos along the way. Thanks for all you’re effort vlogging, its so enjoyable following along with every overbet and bluff!

  14. Thanks for all the amazing poker content Brad. I’ve been on quite the vlog binge these past few weeks. I love going back and seeing vlogs from years ago and noticing small changes in your game as you’ve changed as well as vlog style. Happy new years

  15. have watched 1 zillion hours of your you tube material
    very entertaining and relatable

  16. Years go by but you keep being undoubtedly the best, funniest and most interesting poker vlogger out there. It’s been lots of fun following your journey and I’m sure it will get even better 🙂 congrats on your 2023 and all the best for 2024! ❤

  17. Watching you from the very beginning until now has been a journey that we got to take with you, and I think I speak for a lot of the long-time subscribers in saying thank you for not just allowing us to live vicariously through you, but also for always being so honest, compassionate, thoughtful and hilarious. You’re truly one of a kind and I guarantee your dad is looking down with a great big smile.

    1. I really appreciate this comment. Thanks a lot Tim. Best of luck to you in the new year.

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