THE MAIN EVENT!!! It’s GO TIME – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 36

I'm rested and all set for the greatest competition of the year as I jump into Day 1C of the Centerpiece however not before encountering Chess legend Magnus Carlsen.

0:00 Introduction
0:56 Drive In
4:05 Magnus Carlsen
5:40 Shuffle Up and Deal
7:07 # 1.
8:44 # 2.
9:51 second Break.
11:25 Dinner Break.
13:30 Secret Pot!
17:30 Break Time.
20:50 AK.
23:14 Wrap Up.

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THE MAIN EVENT!!! It's GO TIME – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 36

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  1. As one of my favorite poker players to watch, this has been frustrating to watch, I can’t imagine how it feels, sorry DNegs

    1. @Nsbdbs Bsbdbzbz someone free rolling wouldn’t get that mad lmao, keep telling yourself you’re the smartest guy in the room though

    2. The guy has leveraged his fame to make millions – stop feeling sorry for him. He’s washed up and his wife is shot out.

    3. Well it is more about the frustration of loosing – it’s not really the money that’s probably important in this case it is just these bad beats

    4. @Nsbdbs Bsbdbzbz he has 100% of big buyin events….he is getting paid by GG separately

  2. Daniel Daaaaniel, the couch commentators will come on here saying this and that about your game. Pay no mind to them. You had the guts to post your journey, good or bad, and be 100% transparent. It shows that you either don’t care what people think (which is a true skill) or you’re very well off and poker has become a game instead of a way of living for you. I think it’s a little of both for you. I can’t wait for next year.

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  3. It’s rough. This week I’m down everything I made last month, and I feel I’ve been playing better than ever. Poker can be brutal. Just hang in there and be positive.

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  4. What a journey you’re taking us on, thanks for your commitment to this craft and to poker.
    I so hope you can still score big soon.
    Good luck from Manchester UK.

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  5. Here’s the deal. You have about 17 tournament bracelets left to go after. A quitter never wins. You got this!👍

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  6. DNegs, your candor, honesty and civility distinguishes you from the other pros. That doesn’t pay the bills, but you did all these vlogs for some reason, and I think it has confirmed your brand as a great guy who happens to play cards at the highest level.

  7. Thank you for the vlog! Unable to attend this year, so watching you daily made me feel like I was there. Terrible outcome as I too felt invested with you, and I didn’t even buy any action lol! WTH! Such a positive dude and these daily posts helped me to get my day going out here in Hawaii. Still my favorite player!

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  8. One of your better Vlogs for this WSOP. You really capture the essence of what a grind poker can be for a lot of people that pursue poker as a hobby or profession. Hats off to you Daniel.

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  9. This is a rough World Series, but thank you for showing us you’re only human, Daniel! Even if this was the last tournament you’ll be playing this year’s WSOP, I will definitely tune in next year.

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  10. You have been my inspiration for poker for many years Daniel, to see you so emotional shows me your passions & dedication for the game, your run has been so unfortunate, but you still find the time to talk to us, that shows the strength you have inside you. Will still watch & follow you because I know & I am sure we all know your skill & style has never dropped an ounce. Massive respect for you & one day I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you.

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  11. Hey Daniel, your an amazing person with a beautiful wife. Luck was not with you these last couple months but you know your still a role model and inspiration to a lot of people. Keep doing you. Wish you all the best going forward.

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  12. Rough to watch this series dnegs I’ve watched every single day and it hasn’t gotten better this wsop. You play great and you know that! Swings! Good luck in that bracket you got going

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  13. As great of a player he is he showed us even the greatest have bad runs. Bad long runs and no light and no way to change it. In weird sad way it was nice seeing the best go through runs like rest of us do. Really showed the human factor. The silver lining can be we saw other side of coin . Not just the winning millions and tittles but the bad side where you call
    Heads 100 times in row and still lose. It was hard to see him struggle so hard so long but in way it inspired me to keep going that bad runs happen to us all. It’s not how hard we can hit but how hard we can get hit and keep getting up and going that’s how winning is done.

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  14. Dude I’m a vegetarian largely because of you. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember. Whatever the heck is going on you’re one of the best poker players on the planet. Always have been…
    Personally I think you’re honestly studying too hard and putting into play practices you are seeing in your solvers.
    When I first became a fan of yours you were on a different level. You played better. These kids can justify a reason to play any hand…there’s a reason you guys were all at the top of the poker world for so long. You were better than all these flash in the pan solver kids.
    No offense at all you will always be my favorite player. I just think it would do you a lot of good to put the dang charts down and get back to playing cards. You’re better at it then everyone else.

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  15. The 7/14 50K is where this all turns around. I feel a 2nd place finish coming that will get you close to square for the series

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  16. Man, this has been brutal to watch… literally painful for me. I cannot imagine how stressful/frustrating this has been for you. I’ve been following your WSOP runs for the past 4-5 years, but this one has been the toughest Ive seen yet. Hang in there Daniel. You are one mentally tough SOB. Cheers.

    1. ⬆️👆🏻 *DM, let’s talk.* 📩📩

  17. I’ve watched every video from this series. It’s painful for me to see these all In’s and the results. I can’t imagine how you feel but as the big spirited person you are you still go at it everyday with hope and a smile and that’s why you are the greatest. Good luck DNEG.

  18. Really enjoyed that walk in. Something about the interactions you always make time for. Brilliant Daniel, really is 🙂👍🏻 Am enjoying the whole experience from your home, to your dogs, the laugh with your wife, the drive in and of course the poker chat and video…. as a 🇬🇧 I can’t believe how long your traffic lights stay on red 😂

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