The Hand That Changed WSOP Main Event Espen Jorstad’s Tournament!

won the 2022 Main Event for $10,000,000 and this was one of the most crucial hands of his whole competition with 16 gamers staying!

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The Hand That Changed Main Event 's Tournament!

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  1. Thanks for posting this since I wasn’t all up to date on the action. I saw Kunze stack up to a lot of chips but not make the final table so I wondered what happened 😏

  2. The 4 bet sizing of espen was perfect 2 x from the 3 bet, the opponent could be thinking that he does it with a 5 suit maybe something else that he could be 4 bet fold, so he has a k the perfect shoving hand and that’s it…. Ran into A A

    1. This is the perfect play in any normal circumstances, but this is the ME with the last 2 tables remaining. Even considering the GTO, I would still not want to be involved with someone almost equal to my stack. Kunze could easily make the final table.

    2. Any of y’all saying this is a standard shove needs to study up on ICM. This pot alone could easily be worth $1M+. Even if it’s a snap chip EV shove it’s a straight punt when considering ICM.

    3. @Sensimuse When 5-bet shoving the AK, he is only getting called by aces and kings. I think Espen would fold QQ in that spot. That might make the shove profitable because he is the one putting ICM pressure on Espen. I think Jørstad has a fair bit of folds in his range after Kunzes 5-bet shove. From my understanding of the game, it is not a punt, but a close spot.

    4. All the experts out in full force I see. A lot of analyses I see in comments are hilariously ironic. . . .

  3. Ivey once said in an interview that sunglasses should be banned at the table. I agree.

  4. Ace king looks nice till someone turns over pocket kings or aces, or the flop comes and you hit air.

    1. I have noticed more and more pros these days have adopted a more passive strategy with AK when playing deep stack poker.

      It’s important to note the effective stack size (whoever has the smallest stack) in the particular hand you are playing AK. Against a shallower depth stack size, you want to play the AK more aggressively on earlier streets, as like with big pocket pairs — which don’t play relatively as well as middling suited connectors which provide more board coverage (more likely to pick up equity on a wider range of flops) — meaning they have more immediate (preflop and on the flop) equity than on later streets, unless the big pocket pair somehow spikes trips or a backdoor flush or straight or something.

      When playing deep stack poker against an opponent, it’s actually optimal to play more passively, for a number of reasons. One of which is the fact that skilled deep stacked players are going to have relatively wide range, and AK bricks the flop about 66% of the time (not including the flops that give the AK backdoor draws).

      All this said, I have noticed a trend that unless the situation dictates that the optimal play is putting pressure on a shallow effective stack with AK, that more and more pros now are often just flatting opens with AK instead of 3 betting (if you get four bet, AK is a snap fold given players 4 bet ranges in 2022), limping in EP to set up a limp raise and rep AA, or flatting IP regardless of the action in front of them (unless the action is like UTG open, +2 3 bets, LJ 4 bets… at which point AK becomes an easy fold) and then playing their hand straight forward and fast if they flop an A or K, knowing their opponents will likely be willing to push back harder with the second best hand against them at that point because they never would have figured the AK wouldn’t have 3 bet or 4 bet IP, or just check/folding when they brick the flop.

  5. How lucky do you have to be to have your opponent drawing to a straight or 3 kings on first street to catch up? To be dealt AA and a person who has double as many chips as you to have AK? How many thousands of people are going to spend years and their money and time trying to get a spot like that haha….just goes to show how lucky you have to be to win a poker tournament.

    1. i once had aces vs kings vs queens, 3 way all in end up winning that pot in a small tourny. Also got a royal flush the same tournament. Pretty insane

    1. This hand probs worth north of a mil (real $) and his tourny life

      Any of the FT sweats were after he had locked up considerably more and rarely (if ever) at risk.

  6. It’s like that guy I’m happy who calls me with ak in a 5$ sit n go tourney

  7. Why its called smart watch when it can’t give u at least the exact time,beats me?!Next big thing will be the Genius watch with the same features as the smart watch plus some small add ons and its gona be destined for the 3 arms men…so basically for bbc’s

  8. Something tells me that if roles were reversed, Jorstad would have played it more conservatively and save way more chips than Kunze did.
    He was on a disciplined peaceful mission sent straight from the Dalai Lama/

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