The Euro Pros Keep Raising & I Keep Shoving ALL IN!! No Backing Down In Big Pots!! Poker Vlog EP 269

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The Euro Pros Keep Raising & I Keep Shoving ALL IN!! No Backing Down In Big Pots!! EP 269

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  1. Brad Owen videos over lunch. The ultimate work from home setup. Thank you, Brad, for the continued content!

    1. Ya if you like the same boring content, same setup and deja Vu videos. Enjoy being bored

  2. One of my absolute favorite things is spot-on nailing your bet/raise before you announce it on the video. Always enjoy your vlogs.

  3. I learn the most on the videos you don’t win. Thanks for being transparent with your audience! You the man Brad!

  4. Good luck Brad! Appreciate your content. Keep up the good work. My man.

  5. Love your content Brad! I’ve learned a lot from you. Plan on testing out my luck in Vegas October 8th-11th when I’m there for the packer raiders game. Wish me luck and maybe I’ll run into you. 😊

  6. I love your videos. Can’t get enough of them. Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪, you are known all over the world

  7. Hey Brad, when I lived in Jacksonville FL, I played at the Best Bet (also referred to as Regency), and the games there are great. I was even there the day it opened back in March of 2012. Looking forward to the video on that great property. Keep up the great work. ☺

  8. It’s all one big session anyhow. Always rooting for you Brad. Enjoy your life and family in Vegas dude.

  9. “The hijack is like Roy Munson, he doesn’t have a real hand”… This might be your best work Brad. Im so proud

    1. ​@@independantcrypto4323…. yeah, but wasn’t he 🔥 HOT 🔥, playing Galaxia, in “Anger Management”??!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  10. “The name’s not boy, it’s Roy.” Appreciate at least one movie reference per vlog! Appreciate your work, message and approach. You’re the best out there. Peace, love and prosperity.

  11. Hey Brad- great illustration of proper game selection. Nice lesson for all of us.

  12. hey Brad, it takes a lot of courage to posts losses, a lot of vloggers mostly post wins. Thanks for always being real 💯

  13. Hey Brad! As someone who does not play poker or understand every little situation, I greatly appreciate you explaining the situations and why you make the certain moves you do. It’s super interesting as a general fan!

    1. I always really like seeing these types of comments. It’s nice to know that even people who don’t necessarily play still enjoy the videos. Thanks Nick.

    2. @@BradOwenPokersame, the entertainment value of your videos is really high as well, on top of that I feel that if I ever were to play poker I’d be a lot better than I think because of you!

      PS loved the 5-1 comment about the WC 2014, that game is ingrained in my brain after the brutal defeat in the 2010 finals (Dutchmen here)

  14. Brad, I think I’ve watched every video of yours the past 4 years. It is unbelievable how you always keep me on my toes every time! I played in the ccg tourney at the max in Mccook, IL 3 years ago and busted right before you rotated to my table. You have to come back out here sometime soon ❤

  15. Brad I try to come up with different superlatives because you have continued to raise the bar! Your breakdown is incredible, along with your emotions that are attached to it! You have the IT factor that connects with your viewers! You work very hard to produce this amazing content! I’m very appreciative of the positive impact it has had on me whenever I watch your videos! Thank you Brad!

  16. Love ur vids man, you’ve become pretty much my mostly watched youtuber over the past two years, your work is amazing

  17. Super refreshing to see a vlogger talk about game selection and checking out of a short game with tough opponents. Great content.

  18. I love that you include sessions like this it shows how to play when you’re down and how to keep composed and know when to just rack up

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