The Biggest Pot Won In High Stakes Poker History!

Santhosh Suvarna and Andrew Robl clash in what ended up being the largest-ever pot won in High Stakes Poker history!

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The Biggest Pot Won In High Stakes Poker History!

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    1. This is a rare treat him getting brutalized like that.
      Although, there is one where he ran quad 9s against quad Q’s in a tournament against C. Lewis.

    2. Really ? Andrew is the dude who lost Quads against Quads. His luck is like his hairline.

    3. That quads v quads was one hand. He’s gotten sooo lucky so many times it’s insane. I’m shocked to see him lose this lol

    4. @@xavierharding8938 Dude’s been growing out his bangs the old fashioned way for years…Dnegs never turned him on to his plugs guy..😂🤣

  1. Weird punt by robl I think but maybe I’m missing something. What hand pays him 300K on that river when AA can’t even beat a flush??

    1. What are you talking about, punt? how can he put him on a K with the x back on turn, making it unlikely and the k River celing his faith 😂 he always has to assume he has the best hand. What would you like him to do fold for 95k on the river? No other river size makes sense, maybe 80%, but never folding either.

    2. Opponent should be checking back Kx with a very high frequency on the turn

  2. Most deflated energy ive seen for a million dollar pot/hand. From commentators/players…

    1. Guess you expecting them to be screaming about the amount of money in the pot lol

  3. Where is the energy? Cmon boys!? Not going to lie, I thought Robl would be on the other end of this video

  4. I read about this hand earlier today…..Wow 0.6% after the flop. That’s worse than when he lost with quad 9’s to quad Q’s

  5. I’m no poker expert, but I hate the over bet on the river there. Seems like you can only get called/ raised by a better hand, and you fold out all the AA/ QQ that could maybe call a smaller bet

    1. agree. also, overbet puts you in a terrible position to get reraised allin for 40% equity. Later, only reason to call all-in is if you think Suvarna is bluffing. If Robl think Suvarna’s going to bluff then there’s also no reason to overbet.

    2. he s surely thinking Santosh cant have AK having checked back turn. but with AK also firmly in Robl s range maybe that river overbet is too much of an ask from hands like QQ and JJ.

    3. @@grindix Santosh is cutoff or dealer and straddled, doesn’t he have most Ks in the range?

    1. One cooler every 5 years. I get coolered 5-6 times every session.

  6. Bad luck here once for Robl, however a real pro wouldn’t lose a 1 mill pot after there is only 200k in the pot after the river. There is literally no reason to raise 300k in a 200k pot here with a 4. That should always be either a check or a 1/3 pot bet to target a high pocket pair.

    1. it’s always a tell that people don’t know what they’re talking about when they call a bet a raise

    2. @@user-mm3qe4si8m I’ve played a lot of poker untill 2018 or so and I’m up about 200K in total over 4 years of playing. Betting 300k in that 200k pot is a terrible play, and it makes it even worse that he has 100k behind after that bet.

      Robl himself admitted it was a bad play in an interview after the match so I don’t know what your talking about.

  7. The overbet on the river was the problem. Only getting called by the same hand or better.

  8. Who else here assumed Robl was gonna win this hand when you first clicked? But was hoping Robl loses the hand? Lol

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