The ART of BLUFFING! – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 5

This one is full of hand breakdowns as we review some effective, and some not so effective, Bluffs in the $25,000 High Roller.

0:00 Introduction
0:52 Drive In
3:36 1st Break
4:30 # 1.
8:52 # 2.
10:10 Hand Breakdown # 3.
11:39 Hand Breakdown # 4.
13:07 Hand Breakdown # 5.
15:08 Punt?
18:34 Unusual end of night.

Introduction Song:.
Nbhd Nick – Good Pass Away Young.

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The ART of BLUFFING! – 2022 Day 5

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  1. Great video! Just wondering if during the hand histories if your editor(s) can put up your stack sizes and/or what you have behind? Thanks 🙂

    1. @A Lex the vpip? seriously? du you think dnges is counting and calculating the played hands of each player? 😂

    2. I’m only going to add that when I think it’s relevant to the hand, but I hear you

    3. @Daniel Negreanu understandable, thanks for the reply and GL for the rest of the series!

  2. Woahhh Daniel, that beard! You’re gonna have to change your name from Kid Poker to Alpha Poker 💪🏻

  3. Thoughts on why/how Brad Ruben has managed 4 bracelets in under 3 years?

  4. Appreciating your temperament during the hand reviews and the ability to keep it joyful for the fans when asking for ur time and attention. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I do wonder what the cost analysis is of DNegs 2nd (and 3rd, 4th…..) bullets – always seem to last about 10 seconds to busto!

  6. Daniel, you should get yourself a nice loud fan in there to block out the background noise/music. I can’t sleep without mine anymore. There could be a rave going on outside and I wouldn’t notice.

  7. Love these videos Daniel. I’ll be in Vegas this week playing poker at the aria you inspired me to take a trip out there.

  8. Dan u are the man! I am grinding the 1/2 these days but hope to be at the WSOP to beat ya one of these years! GOOD LUCK I got a bracelet bet on ya this year!!! Lets goooooo

  9. Love the hand break downs so much. So incredible seeing Byron in this. I went to college with him and played poker with him a bit. Hearing that music blaring while trying to nap probably makes you miss the RV. That chick was so weird at the end.

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