The 5 SICKEST QUADS Poker Hands!

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In this video, we assemble a few of the craziest four of a kind (quads) hands, from high stakes competitions all over the world. Featuring pros such as , Sam Greenwood, Sam Grafton, Hossein Ensan, Bryn Kenney and many more!

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The 5 SICKEST QUADS Poker Hands!

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  1. You see the eyes left move – priceless,
    Hossein drawing blood biting his lips..😂 😂
    Given the fact Daniel has not entered the race up until now, my inclination is to bail

  2. Sam Greenwood is an amazing player, I’ve not seen anyone catch as many coolers as this man. He should have won so much more

    1. Calm down, just sending some props to a guy who will otherwise seldom be mentioned. Gotta say, probably less cringe than someone anonymously naming themselves dorian gray cruising round flaming people in youtube comments. Pretty sure you also read it wrong and don’t know what a cooler is in poker? @@doriangray2020

    2. This is one of the creepiest comments ever. Just so much cringe.@@doriangray2020

  3. No one going to comment about the guy folding JJ? That was some serious discipline.

    1. It s not difficult to fold when your opponent doesn’t have hands that you beat

    2. @@user-gb1xy2oc9m He could be having 88 – 99 – 1010 or playing the board. Only QQ, KK and AX beats him. That’s not an easy laydown

  4. sams face at the end had me laughing and i was just as baffled as he was

    1. Yeah imagine if he had K10 it would’ve been a sick way to Crack the Aces

  5. Watching these videos scare me never to play poker again.
    Like this game is crazy.

  6. I love Phil Ivy Consciously doing the eye movements after turning quads. Down and away to the right to show deception. Awesome.

    1. Really ? Looked like to me it was his tell. Like quads is so exciting he hasn’t seen it that much before.

    2. @@beauporter8440 definitely a tell. He got lucky the guy didn’t get a read on him. That subtle gesture that was missed is what started the deception I think.

    3. Phil Ivey was probably still nervous about getting caught committing fraud with marked cards at a casino. He had to pay millions in damages, the poor fellow.

    4. Phil does that all the time. It doesnt mean deception it means he’s thinking

    5. @@slowfuse I didn’t say it meant deception… I said he’s trying to show deception on purpose.

  7. Beating Phil Ivey when he has rags is difficult, but when he has quad aces…

  8. Fury doesn’t clickbait, sick coolers 💥💥💥 AAAA+777’s Hossein with statically near impossible hand. Full House with Quads needs a term now after this

    1. Name should be Hossein, like 10 2 is a Brownsen … Name the Hand after the player

  9. I’ve lost the 2nd highest hand you can have to the royal. I couldn’t have lost with anything less and I did. It was beautiful to see the 2nd best hand lose to the royal flush. Luckily I didn’t have as much to bet with, but I doubt anyone would have folded my hand. He needs to have A/K and I had 9/8, straight flush.

    If you ever thought you were going to fold, I want proof.

  10. I like the PATTERN and Large typeface on these CARDS👏

    Where can I buy them❓

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