Super High Roller Bowl VII Day 2 Highlights with Daniel Negreanu

VII brings the best of the best gamers together and on Day 2 played with the chip lead throughout the day! Get captured up on the highlights right now prior to the last table starts at 1pm PT today.

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VII Day 2 Highlights with

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  1. Cool poker game here with these legendary players here . Is this live game now on 7 October 2022 at 9:50 central time for me here in Texas . Me visit my twin sis Janet battling stage 4 ovarian cancer since 2016. Helping her out n praying for her. She doing two shots a month for treatments n off KIMO. SHE HAD INTESTINES SURGERY DUE TOCANCER SPREAD TO 7 places in her . We needs prayers please. Am enjoying this poker match here.

    1. @FILMING_THE_WORLD_FPV Yea that’s why he has pink hair because he don’t care about looks or getting attention

    2. @briand2424 who are you talking about? A poker pro or a filthy rich guy? There’s a difference.

    1. Because his best ability is game selection. That skill has made him rich. Going for glory just ends up in memes.

    2. @Jeannie Bielicki If he ain’t scared and his biggest skill is game selection, can you explain to me why when he played with incompetent youtubers he never reloaded and nursed a 40k micro stack while those mega whales each had more than 300k in front of them?

  2. Brewer must be so deep in make up. He’s seems so pained playing. Stone bubbling 4 super high rollers is devastating fiscally. Had to get a real job but still has to play bc it really the only way he’ll ever pay down that debt.

  3. The commentary & graphics for Foxens outs vs Jager at 12 minutes were wrong, Negreanu folded an ace , so he only had 2 aces to go along with the 4 10s, come on poker go, do better 😅😅

  4. Wow, Daniel would have made a Broadway* on that last hand… The old Daniel would have stuck around and won, but probably wouldn’t have been a smart play.

    Edit: not Broadway. King high straight.

    1. 1 – broadway is straight AKQJT so that’s no broadway.
      2 – Daniel would not have stuck around when a bet and raise in front of him when Nick has that big of a stack and Daniel holds middle pair.

  5. PokerGO bought up all the poker content then hid it behind a paywall. Now no one will ever just scroll through tv and fall in love with poker. Massive stain on the community

  6. Maybe, that A2vs.AJ hand, 200k value bet instead of all-in on the river?! What do solvers say?

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