Super High Roller Bowl VII | Day 1 with Daniel Negreanu & Bryn Kenney

Super High-stakes Gambler Bowl VII is a $300,000 No Limitation Texas Hold 'em Freezeout tournament, played inside the Studio in Las Vegas. This competition is played over three days and features , Bryn Kenney, Stephen Chidwick, , Michael Addamo, Alex Foxen, Justin Bonomo, and lots of others.

This is a preview of the action on .com with commentary offered by Remko Rinkema and Donnie Peters.

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Super High Roller Bowl VII | Day 1 with & Bryn Kenney

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  1. I love the commentators on this channel. The obscure references, innuendo, and general banter between Rinkema and Peters is top tier. Former frequent player and I got sucked down the hole again because of these guys. I’m sure this has been said a thousand times already. just adding to it.

  2. Lost to a runner runner quads to the other day lol. Flopped a set of tens in a single raised pot and turn,river was K, K giving him quad kings 🙁

    1. Yeah, he wins the hand or and the hot topic, she never would have been in the hand

    2. Tell me you know nothing about poker without telling me you know nothing about poker. If you think these hands can be compared in any way your ignorant about how poker actually works.

    3. @John Borger same odds him missing his outs , btw I’m not comparing, his reaction would be dope that’s all , his face is perfect for bad beats . Back to Robbie vs Garret, no clear evidence so your boy will pay back .

  3. I hope you continue broadcast. Go Daniel your due again . The Phoenix rises again.

  4. Really proud of Daniel Negreanu he really got back to what makes poker a great game.

  5. Daniel vs kenney hands was amazing . I see it but i cannot believe it . Skills + risk + lucky => the perfect combo to victory

    1. @Mohsen yeah , i mean we don’t often see that. a rare hand between two top players in the world . Just amazing

    2. @Huy Quân Phan The shocking this is that I’ve seen one entirely similar recently in the final hand of EPT Barcelona 2022

    3. @Master Garchomp i believe that without skills and risk , lots of player will fold in the flop . He’s just have 33 and there are three over card on board . Lucky coming , but on the river .

  6. Addamo brings out his full inner Aussie bogan with his fashion sense. Had the ball high stubbie shorts on last year like a typical truck driver and had the Dennis Lillee style unbuttoned shirt from the 70’s on in this one. Just needs to grow a mullet and he’s there.

  7. why didnt they start with same stack count? was it being played for an hour first ?

  8. That hand brings nightmares to me instead losing with aces full I lost with quad 66 flopped and lost to runner runner quads 88 for 4k

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