STREAM OF THE CENTURY!!! Robbi, Garrett, Phil Ivey, Eric Persson – HCL MEMORY LANE Episode 1







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Executive Producer: Nick Vertucci.
Executive Manufacturer: Ryan Feldman.
Head of Video Production: Kyle Ravreby.
Associate Manufacturer: Neve Levy.
Audio Specialist: David Olivares, Gerry Feldman.
Graphics Technician: Mike Peluso.
Video Production: Aatmaj Kapoor, Nathan Ramirez, Christian Pangrazio.
Animation: Alejandro Indriago.
Gambling Establishment GM: Shaun Yaple.
System Engineer: Brett Drolet.
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl.
Unique Thanks to the Flynt Household.

$ 3.1 MILLION!! Wins Most Significant Pot in Televised Poker History.
Top 10 Hands of The Million Dollar Video Game Day 1.
$ 2.25 MILLION POT!! Wesley Gets Redemption in 2nd-Biggest Television Hand Ever.
Maniac Bluffs $1 MILLION & Doug Polk Has POCKET ACES.
$ 1.1 MILLION POT !! Doug Polk Calls Clock on .
Greatest in Poker Television History?!? Rampage Pushes ALL IN in Million Dollar Video Game.
Sickest Cooler Ever!! Straight Flush vs Ace High Flush for $610,000!!
AA vs KK vs KK! Sickest Hand in Poker History!
Top 20 Hands of the Year for 2022!!
Leading 25 Greatest Pots of 2022!!!
One Of The Most Ridiculous Hero Call In Poker History.
$ 1.2 MILLION POT !! Alan Keating Wins the Most Significant Pot in U.S. Poker Broadcast History.
Leading 10 Hands of 2021.
MrBeast Wins $439,000 vs Poker Pros & Streamers.
SET OVER SET !!! Garrett vs Wesley for $193,000.
SLOWROLL!!! vs Dylan Gang for $186,000.
$ 390,000 POT!!! vs Dylan Gang.
Top 5 Tom Dwan Hands from Super High Stakes Poker.
TOP 10 BLUFFS OF 2021.

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STREAM OF THE CENTURY!!! Robbi, Garrett, Phil Ivey, Eric Persson – HCL MEMORY LANE Episode 1

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    1. no live streams this week because thanksgiving they had the same week off last year too

    1. @Ezekeul Lion Hearthe folded right a way how is that karma it’s not like he bluffed with j high on that hand

  1. Robbi is wow I have no rhyme or reason why she called all in with J 4 off lol😂

    1. ​@Hibiscus FlowerBrother she looked at it multiple times and was not the least bit surprised when she flipped it herself.

  2. Not everyone that comes to this show is a professional and I just think she didn’t realize she could have called

  3. Garrett’s lucky he didn’t loose a lot more if she would of has a lot more money

  4. I think the guy who stolen chips from here has something to do with this stream.. The call doesn’t make any sense and giving the money back seems like karma. Unbelievable commentating by Bart

    1. Ya right ,,,RIP really looks like a stand up guy ,,,please,,,,,give me a break ,,,he put on a macho show if I ever seen one 😂

  5. Does anyone know the exact time the worker producer comes and picks up 15k in Robbie’s chips??

  6. Someone needs to edit the top 5-10 hands from these streams. Not everyone can watch the entire stream.

    1. 😂😂facts like what? she made an impossible call…… like meaning she would have to know what you have to make that call……. the fact some of you people done see through robbies bullshit is just sad and disgusting. some people really have no idea how to play this game or how it works.

  7. Ivey is good… Andy’s overbet for deception didnt work out as it may have with others at the table

  8. rewatched this after a long time. i think she did actually read him during the hand but she was flustered that she was right and legitimately didnt know how to explain herself after.

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