Straight Flush vs Nut Flush!!! How is Mariano SO LUCKY?!

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Casino GM: Shaun Yaple
System Engineer: Brett Drolet
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl
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Straight Flush vs Nut Flush!!! How is Mariano SO LUCKY?!

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  1. I wasn’t a massive fan of mariano until i watched these streams. The way he acts after winning pots like this is possibly one of the best ways to do it.

    1. It’s a rare skill but a real one. Most people would have shoved on the flop. Mariano got MAX value.

    1. Because if there was a pair on the board, it means that mariano’s allin could include full houses and it gives him a easier fold, since there’s more combos of cards that beat him, but with the ace of diamonds, he only loses to.a straight flush

    2. @lovely beautiful ok i understand, but if you bet big on the river and your opponent jam all in , do you think that Mariano bluff o go all in with small flush

    3. @Kona_Ice3 unless there’s 4 to a straight flush on the board .. you can’t fold you’re right

  2. I had this happen to me 2 weeks ago but dude didn’t hardley have no chips left but they did have a straight flush jackpot

    1. Tbh there were three hands that could beat Andy on the river. Before you call, You gotta really think why he would three x jam there

  3. Not that I could make that fold, but you gotta think there’s 108, 78, K10 + suit variance. it’s rough but would Mariano be jamming lightly there, knowing you have the A?

    1. ​@A-Town Originalon the turn it’s a gutter for a straight flush with the 10 but 78 makes no sense on that river shove so I feel ya

  4. No man in poker history will fold this with no pair on the board, andy literally thinking he got this in the bag he never would expect straight flush this is the sickest of the sickest gg mariano. Skill and luck was played in this video.

    1. Eh. What other hands is Mariano raising for value? This is like a straight flush 99% of the time. You could fold ace here on the river.

    2. @Brandon Alan dude u can’t fold here specially with the board not pairing Andy is never expecting that straight flush

    3. I think if Mariano is deeper Andy would’ve thought more about it especially with the 4th diamond on the board

    4. @Snipemares what hand expecting . Remember Andy raising river big and Mariano when all in 😂😂😂. Do you think that Mariano going to bluff when somebody bet big o do you think Mariano going to play amateur and jam baby flush .

    5. ​@Brandon AlanGot it so you fold Ace high flush to a raise when there is straight flush possibilities on the board. Youre invited to my home games.

  5. Just in case if you dont know . Mariano is youtuber and he was playing 2-5 poker 3 yrs ago .

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