Straight Flush vs Full House at World Series of Poker!

Jennifer Harman and Cory Zeidman clash in one of the most legendary hands in the history of the World Series of Poker Main Event!

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Straight Flush vs Full House at World Series of Poker!

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    1. Also I’m pretty sure that these huge cooler hands (such as quad aces vs straight flush, the “Gambol!” hand) are renacted after the fact, so they’re technically acting

  1. Runner runner river 2% chance, this is a jackpot perfect representation.

    1. Usually a runner runner is about
      1/600 ~ 1/1600 chance depending on number of players on the table. Oc we are talking about one possible combination of a runner runner

    1. she knew he was hollywooding on the river. so he either made the best hand, or at least thinks he made the best hand. but how do you lay down the best boat there? you just dont. only a straight flush or quads beats you

    2. @@zevo9314 bro im not saying her call was bad. If she knew, she should’ve folded. We all decided to call that not knowing

    1. She’s actually the one who slow rolled her death on the river. Baffune 😂😂😂

  2. I know this is a short, not a full video, but they cut out the part in which Zeidman was talking a lot about folding on the turn but his hand was so strong. And before calling the river he was saying that he might get busted – even though he could not lose. I think that is why Harman said she knew he had that hand based on the comments he made.

    1. Exactly. She of course didn’t know the whole time. But the Hollywood pretending he’s beat, would make make many suspect something was up.

    2. It’s edited, but the hand was still a lot faster than modern play

    3. ​@@brazyuniverse4221 She was pot committed and felt she had to make the move. Just hoped he didn’t have it and probably already had a sick feeling. She didn’t really know 100% but didn’t want to believe it.

    1. I think she knew he had 8 9 so there was a chance he had the straight flush

    2. She knew! She repped the boat the whole way. If he was willing to go he had to have the nuts.

  3. unbelievably they got drawn side by side in the following years main event

  4. If you watch the entire hand on YouTube, you can see clearly why she says “ I knew you had that hand.” He was talking like an idiot.

  5. He said “all-in” so I don’t think he realized that her bet has already covered him.

    1. wow, I think you may be right. All this time i thought he didn’t understand he had the nuts, but the way she bet on the river, he may have not understood that it was putting him all in (because its not always easy to know exactly how much you have left in front of you). So he performing on the river, acting unsure.

    2. iirc this was a very, very early hand on day 1 so any all-in is almost all of either of their stacks

    3. Ohh… I always thought this was a slowroll… But yeah if he didn’t think she already put him in, it makes sense.

  6. Sick run out. Queens full CANNOT fold. Unfortunately this is the gray area of poker where you just have to get it all in and take it in the gut.

  7. Even if you do “know” they have that specific hand…..the math compels you to call.

  8. If only that much effort would be put into keeping the house clean and cooking

  9. 1 outer! My favorite player of all time. Worst cooler of all time. handled with grace.

  10. When players say “I knew you had that” they really meant “I hoped you didn’t have that” 😂

    1. ​@@TraylorthefiendNot really. Like the commentators said, she had a nearly unbeatable hand. After the flop she was a 10 or Q away from a full house, wich she got. He literally was blessed by the poker gods pulling that 7 of diamonds, it was the only way he could’ve won at the end, since she had the Q of diamonds. He was speaking carelessly that hand wich is why she knew he was banking on one card, he just happened to get that card.

    2. ​@@TraylorthefiendIt’s kinda like her knowing she has a 90% chance of winning while he has a 10% chance. He happened to get lucky.

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