Straight Flush Madness at WSOP Main Event! 🤩

Jonathan Little flopped a straight flush on Day 2ABC of the 2024 WSOP Centerpiece!.

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Straight Flush Madness at WSOP Main Event! 🤩

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  1. The luck to not only flop a straight flush but then have your opponent have a flush draw witha king…i know that dealer was tipped well

    1. I think Little had a read on Witdoek’s betting patterns since the solver is likely condoning a flat-call 100% of the time with A2hh. Obviously, that read was 100% correct as Witdoek made an *awful* call on the flop with no pair and a non-nut draw with low implied odds and with no blockers to potentially turn K9 into a bluff.

    2. @@Uncle_Troyyeah I’m just folding flop. You’re even losing badly to most of his bluffs (ie AhX), as you point out there’s very little implied odds and there’s potentially massive reverse implied odds.

  2. “I guess you could be value betting worse.” Wrong. Little always has at least the dry Ah here. And is he even suggesting that Little can show up with AhAx or 54s here? Both of those hands are blundering by betting river. Classic example of a polarizing bet by Little here.

  3. Yeah it’s called a Steel Wheel and the announcers don’t even know it.

    1. How dare the announcers not refer to a hand by some arbitrary nickname that doesn’t even matter. When somebody has pocket aces do you also criticize the commentators for not calling them pocket rockets?

    2. @@Kanders190 The announcers also didn’t mention “Stealers Wheel” who had the hit “Stuck in the middle with you” back in the 70’s. How dare they.

  4. Better to have the 6-7 of hearts in that situation or the 2-6. Don’t want to be blocking the nut flush ideally

    1. yeah I also think it would’ve been better for the witdoek to have 67 of hearts because then he would unblock sets and would win the hand ideally

  5. John Little offers more free coaching than anyone else I can think of. I’ve learned a lot from his videos.

    1. Me too, four live events of 100+ players, made final two tables and itm yesterday and second event i made it ft and 6th.

    1. Well no, because there’s multiple possible straight flushes and only one possible royal flush.

      Unless you meant flopping a SF with specifically A2hh vs flopping a royal with (say) AJhh.

    2. Technically, there’s only one Steel Wheel just like there’s only one Royal Flush, so you are right!

    1. @@eski1950 come on though . I know it’s tough to put him on a straight flush but he’s definitely beat

    2. Well he has a the K of hearts and top 2 pair. It’s hard to put someone on 2 cards.

    3. @@bryandedon7459 any set , straight or any flush . What would you put him on

    4. @@billymabum3514is he 5betting with 33 44 or 55? No, is he 5betting with 67hh? No, only legitimate hands would be AQhh maybe AJhh. That’s 2 combos plus A2hh which really isn’t a 5bet unless you’re squeezing or trying a bluff

  6. As soon as I hear that beer request im figuring hes way to comfortable. Then again im folding K9o preflop. ☕️

    1. It’s the double reverse tell. Everyone knows ordering a drink is like the strongest thing you can do while waiting for someone to decide what to do with your all-in, so at this point people are counterbalancing against it too hard. 😅

  7. For those wondering at the flop, its 99% cuz there’s a chance to get a chop with a bigger straight flush off the turn and river.

  8. Drawing dead on the flop…
    All in pre-flop heads-up my
    AQ vs AA had to be about 3% – 97% pre-flop. Flop
    QQQ, AA now 0% insane. I won the tournament an hour later.

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