STRAIGHT FLUSH in $383K Pot!! Nik Airball is Back

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STRAIGHT FLUSH in $383K Pot!! Nik Airball is Back

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  1. When you constantly make videos of Airball bluffing with dust…but he actually has the nuts this time. Hahaha way to go Nik!!!

    1. He wasn’t betting big to look like his bluffs though. Notice he was betting super small on the flop and turn. That’s not what he does when he’s bluffing.

    2. @jacob newman On the flop sure. That’s common. He only bet 1/4 on the turn though also. I guess he could have been sizing for a river jam, but we don’t know because Ryan did what he did.

  2. Should’ve titled it “The punt heard around the world” Ryan punted harder than Rampage did 😂😂

    1. Airball got lucky af he hit boat over boat or the straight flush wouldn’t have even gotten him back even

  3. Illtimed bluff shove on the river by Ryan – He had 68 behind.. Nik needs to call 68 to win 300 – he is more likely to call – Unlucky for Ryan – he lost his cool and was unable to gather the thoughts.. It’s hard to focus consistently in the heat of the moment..

    1. Bro ten? Try 100 minimum lol this is literally the first time I’ve ever seen him win a hand over 6 figured

  4. I kind of get the raise turn by Ryan but once he’s called he has to realise Nik has AK minimum, or a pair with A of Hearts even and can’t get him to fold when the heart comes on the river, it’s just probably the most ridiculous torching of money on the river I’ve seen

    1. I’m not justifying Ryan’s play, but Nik could have just as easily had a set, as played. Remember, it was a 5-bet pot pre-flop. Set of queens or jacks makes a lot of sense. And he probably folds a set on the river heart.

  5. That was NOT a Punt…That was a Fumble. WTF was Ryan Not Thinking…

    1. He knew Nik was running bad and thought he could get him off. However that call could have saved him money. He didn’t have to go All In last hand.

  6. I remember when Ryan beat Nik making a hero call A high against Nik about half a year ago…I think that pot was for $200K+. Revenge is a dish best served cold, they say.

  7. Ryan did his best Nik Airball impression in that last hand with that massive and totally unnecessary punt!!

  8. Pause it at 11:33. That’s the face of pure regret lol Ryan isn’t a punter. he’s a donor.

  9. Can’t say I’ve ever had a guy punt when I had a straight flush. Respect to Airball for keeping a straight face whilst having his wildest poker fantasy come true.

  10. About time that Nik Airball hits the flop instead of hitting the cashier to do rebuys !! 😂

  11. Congrats Feldman! You are the new #1 donkey on this show! (and that’s with Airhead at the table!)

    1. Everyone is happy for Nik. If he goes bust the the reason for playing in this school is gone. Nik is the magnet for players coming to this game, chur KIWI Bloke

  12. “I think I’m up 10k….I’ll let you know after this hand” famous last words before punting off 190k lol

  13. Give credit where it’s due, I LOVE the way Nik played post-flop in this spot. Sizing was perfect to keep villain interested / thinking that he had opportunities to bluff

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