Starting A $20,000 Session with an ACE HIGH HERO CALL! | Poker Vlog #485

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Starting A $20,000 Session with an ACE HIGH HERO CALL! | Poker #485

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  1. Dude, just watched the Hustler session, over $230K. Go big or go home. Keep crushing!

    1. Watched it too such a sick run! But even if I watched it, I’ll watch Ethan’s version when it comes out as well. Would love to hear his input on it

    2. His two opponents made sick disciplined lay downs against Ethan…. He would have won a lot more…. Impressed

  2. I’m amazed that these rooms haven’t seen the huge upside to allowing vloggers to record. The amount of content and free marketing you give these rooms is unheard of. There’s another poker boom happening right now, and it’s being driven by you and your fellow poker vloggers. Don’t be discouraged. Keep doing what you do. The rooms that can adapt will grow, the ones that don’t will not.

    Thanks for all the content, Ethan!

    1. @Ryan Turner I get that. I definitely do. But, most of the time the vlogger is only recording their own hands so the audience gets a peek at the cards and can follow along. Some early vlogs even blurred out other players.

      Rarely are the other players spotlighted, and when they are, it’s often with permission. The rooms that are holding MUGs now even put up notices so players know ahead of time.

      We are in a new era – some considerations will have to be made I think. Players can kindly ask not to be filmed, and I’m sure guys like Rampage and others would have no problem honoring those individuals’ requests.

    2. I wish you were right, but there def is not a poker boom happening. In fact, poker rooms are closing around the country.

    3. Those rooms that adapt will prosper, those rooms that don’t will wither away and disappear…

    4. @Ye Olde Geezer Gamer ya don’t get it, a poker boom means there are more and more people getting into poker. That’s just not the case. Numbers are down, and that’s why poker rooms have to close. There is no poker boom. The boom only happened cause ESPN aired an edited version to make it so appealing in the early 2000’s. It will never happen again.

  3. That 9-2 hand was hilarious. Just throw in a $1,000 blind and triple up, that’s how you play the game.

  4. Congrats on the quarter million win on hustler, i love it when u take money from wealey haha

    1. Come on, it’s not a sin to be rich. Wesley has made the game more interesting.

  5. Ethan you are absolute beast!!! The rise has been crazy to follow! Keep crushing

  6. Ethan, you are a very likable guy. People watch your content for both the Poker and your cheerful likable personality.

  7. LET ETHAN RECORD! keep crushing it man currently building a bankroll slowly but surely to get back on the felt, very motivating to see your videos and you are one of the people that inspired me to play poker in the first place and I watch your videos to see the ups and downs and learn and motivate myself to keep studying, real inspiration ethan and one of the next poker boom pioneers. hopefully I can play a big tournament with you one day, mad respect!♥♠♦♣

  8. Great job! On a sun run lately love it. You deserve it. You put out great content!

  9. Congratulations on hustler… saw it live and was bouncing of joy for you. Let’s go

  10. Ethan my Man! Your growth as a person and as a poker player has been nothing short of Phenomenal. Anyone who has been paying attention for any amount of time can clearly see that. I especially like the fact you haven’t let this youtube spotlight go to your head. Stay Humble! GREATNESS awaits you.

  11. So happy you finally had a really good Hustler’s session. You deserve it. The amount of times you’ve been ahead in hands and lost to a bad runout on Hustler’s is unbelievable. Not only that but you’re 10x the player you were since those first few streams, you’re learning to get away in tough spots and not punting nearly as often. I was so nervous in the big hand with Wesley for that reason. Hopefully that’s the start of your luck on that stream changing. Props to you for persevering and not shying away from those big games despite how it went during the first handful of times. A lot of people would’ve just went back to the stakes they were playing but you learned from it, you got A LOT better between that punt with Garrett and now, happy to see it’s showing in the results.

  12. You’re the absolute man brother! People that want to crap on you for punting, ask them if they ever won $230,000.

  13. Could feel your frustration at the end of this one. Instant mood change.
    Thank you for your commitment to the vlogs, poker and getting better and being a truly nice guy.
    And congrats on sun run at HCL this week 🙂

  14. I liked when you got Wesley with the snowmen at Hustler.
    I’ve been noting how good your strategies are in a hand.

  15. Hi Ethan, how are you? I just finally watch your vlog. The whole day we didn’t have any power because of a typhoon.. Nice to win on an Ace high. Nice pot on A10 Hope this continues.Nice call on A10. It seems like he was bluffing. Nice win on 72. It’s such a bummer they have to prohibit you from taping. I think they should be grateful that they are getting free advertisement. Anyway, glad you had a winning session. Peace🌹

  16. That hustler live session was awesome. Hope you keep smashing the tables

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