Stacking Subscribers with ACES and Jack Four! | Poker Vlog #501

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Stacking Subscribers with ACES and Jack Four! | Poker #501

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  1. Love the content and the consistency of the uploads. Don’t forget to enjoy your wins I know yesterday was a little rough but make sure you enjoy what you have made for yourself. Can’t wait to see what is coming. 🎉🍻👏

  2. happy Monday Ethan! hipe you and the family and nichole have a wonderful Christmas season and a happy new year!

  3. 🙋‍♂️ I was bluffing in the KK hand and equally as sad to see the set of 10’s 😅

  4. Cool session I like how everybody was just having a good time it’s not always all about money good job

  5. Went to the casino with some friends for my first time a couple days ago to play 1-3 after watching some of your videos pretty much tripled the money I went in with thanks a lot for the tips and info!

  6. Been watching you for awhile and you finally sold me. I am now a subscriber and look forward to watching you win win win.

  7. How often do you do MUG’s at Borgata? This is the first one that I’ve seen and I’d love to be at the next one as it’s my favorite venue for casino poker and I can only imagine the action that ensued for the event. Their poker room is pretty massive so it’s kinda crazy the waitlist was something like 130 or whatever you said. I’m sure the Borgata itself was happy with the turnout and results for your MUG there – where do you post the announcement for a MUG at Borgata and how far in advance?

  8. You keep showing me over and over why your my favorite poker player. Hope to cross paths with you on the felt one day.

  9. Those magnetic chips at borgata are always a little hard to shuffle smoothly 🙂

  10. Wow. I wish I’d been able to get to the Borgata when this happened. Hopefully I can get there if you set up another meet-up game there. Really glad they allowed the video!

  11. It was terrific seeing you at the MUG and “We All Had a Great Day”…. hope you did too. Keep cranking out those vids love the content. Come back anytime we’ll always have a crowd to meet you!!!

  12. Love the channel, only complaint is how many mistakes there are on the card recalls. Merry Christmas!

  13. Damn Ethan, you ran hot in this session. Don’t you wish they could be this good!

  14. Playing with you at this meet up game was a blast!!! Can’t wait till you come back around to NJ in the future to be able to play with you again! Keep up the good work.

  15. Only Rampage can make a 2/5 vlog session interesting to watch. Thanks putting out the content 👍👊

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