SPLASHING In $20K POTS in Paris! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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SPLASHING In $20K POTS in Paris! |

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  1. After watching Mariano’s almost 400K pot makes me feel like I’m watching 1-2 😂😂

    1. Rampage is the more skilled of the two players. Mariano won his pot with aces vs. kings with his opponent donking away $250k. They are both reckless, but I think Rampage is likely to be more profitable in the long run because he makes reasonable bluffs whereas Mariano often carelessly throws away huge amounts of money believing that his aggressive play will, at some point, win the chips back. It’s too precarious to be sustainable.

    2. @@MikeSmith12345 How so? Mariano’s biggest pot was something that anybody could have won. I seldom see him actually win a huge pot by trapping people. It’s either he gets premiums or he bluffs air, so I see Mariano as being the more likely of the two to go broke, not just because he’s liberal with his chips, but he chases losses.

    3. @zenigundam while Ethan is obviously the better tournament player (mariano plays maybe 2 tournaments a year) when it comes to higher stakes deep stacked cash games there’s absolutely no comparison… Mariano is by far the better player.

  2. Show everything on Europe.. love to see it.. don’t worry about the editing 👍👍 GL LUCKBOX

  3. For a Brit, that is standard treatment in Paris lol.
    not just at the poker rooms.

  4. Yes I’d like to see your full European tour and Good luck at the tables. I think when you and Mariano play in a big game together it seemed to go bad but when you both went your own separate ways you’re both smashing it. Keep up the great vlogs. 👍🏻

  5. Just to give a little background info on the poker scene in Paris, as a parisian reg.
    First of all the poker room you went to is probably my least favourite one, as they aren’t very friendly. But it’s also one of the only places you can play higher stakes than 5/5 (yeah standard game in Paris is 5/5, not 2/5, no idea why).

    Second a little background info on the rake:
    Rake used to be normal in France. In Paris casinos are prohibited, but we have “cercles de jeux” (“game circles”, basically card rooms with no slot machines allowed). About 7-8 years ago, all the cercles de jeux in Paris were closed down by the police because of money laundering. They remained closed for 3 years. The cercles de jeux were then allowed to reopen, but only under extremely tight supervision by the police, and a bunch of new arbitrary rules had to be enforced, orders from the government. Some of these rules include:

    -NLHE and 4 card PLO are the only card games allowed
    -No run it twice, no double straddles, no fun sht basically. No bomb pots, whatever you name it. One of the reasons the games aren’t very good.
    -Mandatory 4% rake. Uncapped for 2/4 and 5/5. Capped at 75 for 5/10 and 100 for 10/20.

    So yeah, everybody hates it. The players, even the managers of the card rooms. But the rules come from up top.

    1. I was supposed to go to Paris in 2020. I was looking around at Poker rooms around the city, and the reviews seemed to be bad. I was still looking forward to trying to play.

      I went to a Casino in Montenegro in 2017 that had a few tables but no players. I should have hopped a cab to Budva to play

    2. @@jamesray5395 Yeah I wouldn’t recommend it. Rake is high and most tables have only regs. Some of which are pretty strong pros, I’ve met more than a few french online crushers at my regular 5/5 game.
      If you must play poker in Paris I’d recommend either club Pierre Charron (on the champs-élysées, super professional staff but long waitlist) or my favourite: club Circus, which has the friendliest staff and players in the city, only downside is it’s pretty far from the center.

    3. Club Montmartre was the one that I was looking to play at since it was right around the corner from my Airbnb. But covid happened, and they shut the world down a month before we were supposed to leave. That was my honeymoon.

      Now I have a family and I don’t think I’ll ever get to go.

    4. My buddies and I used to have “cercles de jeux” when we were in Junior High School…

    5. I go to Paris often. Do you have a guide or anything for rooms or clubs in Paris?

  6. Classic casino atmosphere in Belgium, France and Italy. The staff isn’t only angry because they gotta work, but also just because you are there.

    1. The Paris casino is particularly bad tho. I guess the best poker rooms in Europe are Barcelona, Amsterdam and Prague.

      Belgian casinos don’t have very good poker rooms and dealers seem to be more black jack dealers than poker dealers

    2. @@NickMeisher it’s not the French that are rude, it’s just Parisians that are rude and arrogant.

  7. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to and would love to see a personal vlog on it

  8. Good for you to include the REAL experiences even when they suck, your channel feels way more honest and less fake when I see the good and the bad. Keep it up.

  9. Aye! I am in the airport on my way to Paris, crazy coincidence and great content man! Love your videos my dude keep it up

  10. Thank you for this Video! I’m in Germany and was planning to go to Paris to play Cash. I’m glad I saw this Video… I was going to go this weekend. After seeing y’all’s faces I could tell that it was frustrating… Nothing like bleeding the entire table each hand. Forget that.

  11. I played poker with a tourist from France in NZ. He said most French poker players prefer private games away from the casinos there.
    After listening to your experience I understand why.

  12. We have all been on Tilt before. Regroup, refocus and come back stronger. 💪👊

  13. bro you should make a video where you talk through all of the terminology you use in your games! it would be really helpful for a lot of us who are newer to the game

  14. Insane hustler play. Can’t wait for the video and still can’t get over u bluffing airball off that big of a pot. Insane. 👏

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