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Solvers and – Poker Tips with

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  1. there was a dude at 1/3 sitting w 1800.
    had been winning/crushing/heating any one for 6 hours.

    he would call any bet pf.
    i saw him run down AA with his 84o for $600 aipf
    and same for KK v J10o for $600 aipf
    and with KK v 75s for $600 aipf


    1. Sounds like a fish getting lucky who will give it all back and then some eventually

    1. Search Lex Fridman on YouTube. This is the top interview, it’s like 2.5 hours long.

  2. Just seeing bits and pieces of this interview over the last month or so has been really cool. Honestly, this is one of the best interviews on poker and poker theory/strategy I’ve ever seen. The full interview in on YouTube.

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