SO MANY ALL-INS! Crazy World Series of Poker Final Table with $733,317 for First

The $10,000 Secret Bounty No Limit Hold 'em tournament developed into a massive spectacle at the table! Take a look at how Angel Guillen, Eric Yanovsky, Tracy Nguyen, Jeremy Ausmus, Chris Klodnicki, Aram Oganyan, and Barak Wisbrod fight for the $733,317 leading reward!

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SO MANY ALL-INS! Crazy World Series of Final Table with $733,317 for First

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  1. Klodicki took a lot of hits early and still managed to win. Impressive 🏅

  2. “That’s first degree filth right there…”
    My favorite Ali Nejad cooler catchphrase and the corniest

    1. @@cardigan3000 it’s a snap call blind on blind especially for only 10% of your stack

    2. @@jordangerrity250 sure, at the same time SB has the *tightest* shove range considering
      – he is getting called there 100% of time (for the reasons you mentioned)
      – it is the biggest pay jump (by folding) and
      – both of them (2nd and 3rd) are close in stack size

    3. Not really considering the dynamic of keeping them both short, and not doubling them up. This isn’t the 1 am 5 dollar 2k on poker bros dude.

  3. Ace on the river dumped like 500-600k in slop’s lap? Very deserving. Dude’s been crushing for several decades. Congrats.

  4. This looks like a very fun final table compared to some of the silent bore fests that I’ve seen in other events. Would have been great to watch this live on yt, don’t think I’d have slept

    1. that comes from having no chips in play, they were all sub 20 bbs. almost everything becomes allin/fold preflop

  5. Luck over skill all day long coin flipping. That’s tournaments. A cheating machine shuffler helps.

  6. Nice to see a bunch of guys and gals having fun at what should be a fun final table. Makes it so much more enjoyable to watch

  7. Hey, I am not a tourney player, but when you are chipleading like by 9x the 2nd amount, and its just 3 handed, no matter what the ICM (which is higher on the money bubble and final table bubble probably), isn’t any King High a snap call for 5.5 BB shove let alone K6.
    I mean with lesser ICM implicaions in the final 3 and a massive chiplead, i would personally call 5 BB, by just looking at the one card King. I would say 3 handed decision with a hand like King High should come after like 9BB shoves

    1. I agree, its just nerves tho being 3 handed thinking about heads up play and other factors, but ur right

    2. I guess he was thinking, they shouldn’t be shoving light especially against chip lead on big blind with that kind of stack, given it is the last biggest pay jump they can get by folding and both of them (2nd and 3rd) are close to each other.

  8. A-A vs K-K is not actually “as bad as it gets”. A-A vs A-K is worse.

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