Snap Shoves All-In! | 2023 WSOP Main Event

Adam Walton snap pushed into Daniel Weinman's pocket aces at the 2023 WSOP Centerpiece!

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Snap Shoves All-In! | 2023 WSOP Main Event

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    1. 1/2m I think. The button raised to 5m and Walton flatted the initial raise

  1. Ok stupid question but did they actually win 400 million dollars?

    1. @@Jay_Bird so why pretend play for that amount? How much would they win?

    2. @@blaynemacpherson8519 It’s a tournament, you purchase your entry with real morning, are given a starting stack of chips and then whoever ends up with everyone elses chips wins all the money, he won like 12M dollars, mind you from this

    3. @@blaynemacpherson8519 They aren’t pretending to play for that amount. The prize amount for each tournament is made clear at the outset (ie, First place wins $500k or $5M or whatever it is). The reason the finalists have such large chip totals is because each tournament starts with potentially thousands of people, let’s say each making a $10k buy-in. Once you get to the final 8, each of those players has basically accumulated 1/8 of all the buy-in chips. It’s more just a way to keep score than it is about the real cash value of the chips themselves. The “pot” each person wins has nothing to do with what the top prize $$ amount is for each tournament. Hope that helps.

  2. im kinda new to poker so is it standard to all in with lower pocket pairs

    1. I think what is bad about it here is they each had like 100 big blinds left… meaning they had A LOT of chips still. You don’t want to go ALL IN when you have A LOT of chips like that either just a middle pocket pair like 88 because you are usually in awful shape (against a higher pocket pair like here) or at best flipping against AK or something.

  3. That’s why you don’t slow play AA. Give people the opportunity To go crazy

    1. Its not actually $427 million thats just the chip denominations. Weinman won like 12 million from the event

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