Slowplayed Pocket Aces Disaster!

Dan Smith was dealt kings against aces at the 2014 #WSOP Centerpiece.

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Slowplayed Pocket Aces Disaster!

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  1. Slow playing had nothing to do with this hand. Dan Smith is a world class player. He is never folding pre with Kings, and never folding after the flop, unless he has a soul read on the guy. Hand played itself. Only real mistake was the allin on the river, since the only hand you beat that would call is AK. All other worse hands fold, and better ones call.

    1. Only other thing in my head is that if he put Smith on the likes of KJ or KQ he could be trying to make the all in appear like a missed flush draw given he has the A of clubs.

  2. I don’t like the shove he was only getting called by a hand that beats him or maybe AK which he is blocking.

    1. Not maybe hands that beat him tho is there, also very likely he has a king so all in was the right play. It’ll pay off more often than not

    2. If Dan calls here with AK then you must shove. Twice as many combinations of AK vs KK

  3. Double block AK..raising the river mostly only getting called by better hands..he ain’t calling with 99-QQ or with no pair..bad raise

  4. I mean realistically the money was getting in here regardless, this title would be more fitting if they had a hand like pocket fours and lost to a turned set where maybe the fours fold pre if they don’t slowplay

  5. 7.5 million dollars?!?!? Wow that’s got to be the biggest winnings ever, congratulations sports fans

    1. Yea because he was hoping smith would fold when we went all in so when he snap called he realized smith definitely had him beat

  6. Title is dumb af! Whether he’s slow playing aces or not, the hand plays itself. No one is folding KKs in that spot especially after the flop.

  7. Does he think he can get a call with his all in by any two cards that doesn’t have him beat? I guess he could be repping a bluff, hoping to get called by top pair. But even if I had AK I wouldn’t call that shove.

  8. Generally if you fear a snap call on the river and you can’t name a bunch of combos that would call you, then it’s a strong candidate for just calling.

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