Sickest Poker Bluff of 2021 WSOP Main Event! #shorts

You are not at sick as Nicholas Rigby who opts for a ridiculous with the "Dirty Diaper" versus Pocket Kings in the 2021 Centerpiece!

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Sickest Poker of ! #shorts

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  1. Wow, that’s a really generous giveaway, especially in these times. I hope I win so I can finally have 📦

    1. KK could have AK too, it was a little too ambitious IMO..1/3 C-bet has same result and way less risk if you get jammed on

  2. Shame he is MASSIVELY OVER WEIGHT. grotesque how people let themselves go like that.

    1. It’s the US of A, what do you expect? They think it’s cute being overweight

    1. Results oriented. Common fallacy. Why would you want a guy with 32 to fold to your reshove? You want a call all day every day until end of times. And then you want another call. He got lucky it was that specific flop. I would play AK the same way, and snap him off. Rigby was lucky this one time.. Wouldn’t work again.

    2. @Marco M. Carioba sometimes it’s better to win a smaller pot and not get cracked or bluffed off

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