She Cracked POCKET ACES Twice!!

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She Cracked POCKET ACES Twice!!

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  1. The moniker “crazy” is indeed crazy. How could you c-bet the turn if the player re-pops you on the flop? Unless, Sia was super insane that night repopping draws and all, that was unlikely.

    1. yes, and called river? It’s a snap fold, he played bad, not belong to this level I think

    2. It was his attempt at a blocker bet but the river call made absolutely no sense after all the action

    3. DGAF had cap his range is 10h but the Crazy men still think SiA on the draw. Idiots play overall

    4. He was just super tilted at this point, brain just wasn’t working. (His poker brain isn’t that big in the first place! Although I do love his jackets.)

  2. 6:20 im kinda surprised T5hh has more equity than KJ. Is that just bc it’s multiway and most of T5s outs are clean?

    1. 1 ace + 4 nines + all other hearts, so about 11 outs twice. I think it does have the most number of clean outs out of the flop. aces with with another Q or a running pair. AQ wins with any 10. KJ has 4 outs to the nuts and the rest running outs are theirs.

    2. what? 47 to 34. I am assuming you meant tenfive to ACEs. tenfive hh has 11 outs (7 hearts, 3 nines and one ace) AA has one ace, two queens and 3 3s so 6 outs.

    3. @Nathan Robinson? I definitely meant it when I said I’m surprised T5s (fd with 2 dead outs and a gutter) has more equity than KJ (2 pair)

    4. @Bob Dylan Yeah, the draws to the near nuts do well in multiway pots, he basically has the same equity whether he’s heads up or multi-way, because either he hits or he doesnt, almost doesnt matter how many people are in the hand.

      The only situation where the draws would be in bad shape is if someone had a better draw, like the A high flush.

  3. Haha here I was thinking she’d bet too much on the river in the final hand, maybe $6-8k would get a call, he’s going to fold now…….

  4. That’s the perfect jack to hit too doesn’t even bring flush what a dream spot

  5. Sia was the Sia-1000 this night. She brought the pain. This set of clips she could do no wrong.

  6. the jack of spades helped her the first 2 times and filled her up on the 3rd. what an amazing coincidence!

  7. Сам в конце банк раскочегарил. Зачем?! Старый иди спать лучше

  8. It was certain Sia had a jack, it was a large bet, and Drew would just lose for the triple. One doesn’t need to be a pro to fold that hand. Poor him anyway, it was tough losing all that money in just a few hands…

    1. Why was it certain? Sia re-raised the flop, flatted the turn, bet the river. AK plays that line. Her hand gets a call and beats AK, AA.

  9. mike’s been in the same spot countless times. The pat on the back at 9:42 speaks volume.

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