She Can’t Believe These UNLUCKY River Cards

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Executive Producer: Nick Vertucci.
Executive Producer: Ryan Feldman.
Head of Video Production: Kyle Ravreby.
Associate Producer: Neve Levy.
Audio Specialist: David Olivares, Gerry Feldman.
Graphics Technician: Mike Peluso.
Video Production: Aatmaj Kapoor, Nathan Ramirez, Christian Pangrazio.
Animation: Alejandro Indriago.
Casino GM: Shaun Yaple.
System Engineer: Brett Drolet.
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl.
Unique Thanks to the Flynt Household.

$ 3.1 MILLION!! Tom Dwan Wins Biggest Pot in Televised History.
Leading 10 Hands of The Million Dollar Game Day 1.
$ 2.25 MILLION POT!! Wesley Gets Redemption in 2nd-Biggest Television Hand Ever.
Maniac Bluffs $1 MILLION & Doug Polk Has POCKET ACES.
$ 1.1 MILLION POT !! Doug Polk Calls Clock on Tom Dwan.
Greatest Bluff in TV History?!? Rampage Pushes in Million Dollar Game.
Sickest Cooler Ever!! Straight Flush vs Ace High Flush for $610,000!!
AA vs KK vs KK! Sickest Hand in Poker History!
Leading 20 Hands of the Year for 2022!!
Leading 25 Biggest Pots of 2022!!!
One Of The Most Outrageous Hero Hire Poker History.
$ 1.2 MILLION POT !! Alan Keating Wins the Biggest Pot in U.S. Poker Broadcast History.
Top 10 Hands of 2021.
MrBeast Wins $439,000 vs Poker Pros & Streamers.
SET OVER SET !!! Garrett vs Wesley for $193,000.
SLOWROLL!!! vs Dylan Gang for $186,000.
$ 390,000 POT!!! vs Dylan Gang.
Leading 5 Tom Dwan Hands from Super High Stakes Poker.
TOP 10 BLUFFS OF 2021.

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She Can’t Believe These UNLUCKY River Cards

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    1. I saw this comment before I played the clip and I thought you meant the first one. I saw the last one and I almost puked

  1. I was prepared for another CLICKBAIT title but okay these runouts actually sucked

    1. I know right. Count me in. Was almost going to skip the obvious clickbait in spite…

    2. You felt that river. All poker players seen that WTF only card can beat you at the river.

    1. It’s also why being a tournament grinder is an even more brutal living, if you think about it.

    2. ​@@blankoblancoThey play 10 to 12 hours straight. Some for 3 to 4 days. That’s work

  2. Is Ling Ling’s ex-bf named Jack? He got her in everyone one of those hands.

    1. No It’s Mark, a regular player at Talking Stick Casino in Scottsdale, AZ

  3. 8:00-8:45 petition for Dr. H to stop wasting our time nitrolling rivers with top range facing less than half pot-sized bets

    1. brutal nitroll there. had to been a 100x tilt multiplier for linglin too lol. once he started saying cooler cooler linglin probably started to realize she might not be good

    2. Yeah, playing trashy diamonds and then nitrolling there, and singing about it. Zero talent. On the other hand, she did it to herself, because it’s nearly impossible to get value there, with her image.

  4. If you’re a 2-5 player; when this happens to us it’s like 900 to 2000. I couldn’t imagine losing that much in three hands. 😳 You play enough, we see it all the time.

  5. Dr.H is a typical old Asian casino reg: plays suited hands, calls draws, slow rolls, and pretends to be sorry

    1. This isn’t a slowroll, Einstein. He called her, so she shows first.

    2. loool this is soo true. no matter where ive played, they´re always the same lol

    1. also, it would have ended in same outcome, but the 3-bet on the turn was an unnecessary Wesley overplay

  6. whenever i am card dead, i remind myself, it could be worse, getting good hands and second best = stacked… what a bad night. if you play long enough, it’s bound to happen, just need to talk a walk and come back another night.

  7. Linglin is such a quality player, it would be terrifying to be at the table with her. These beats are just sick, I love her style of play and the fact that she can wreck Luda. How does he think he has decent odds there with jacks against an all-in and a pot-committing raise?
    She is a weapon, always good for the stream. I always root for her to win.

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