SET Over SET For $561,800! Patrik Antonius Falls Right Into Tom Dwan’s Trap

It's a timeless scenario. versus tens in a 3-bet pot. This time, however, there are several twists and turns. Tom Dwan slowplays his pocket , uninformed that he's crushed by 's tumbled set. The turn brings a lot more surprises, and the pot swells to a record size for After Dark in this outrageous high stakes money video game.

As constantly on Hands, Doug breaks down each street of action and shares his thoughts on how each gamer made their choices.

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SET Over SET For $561,800! Falls Right Into Tom Dwan's Trap

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  1. Can we see a Poker Hands where Antonius raises from the button and takes down the blinds? I’m starting to feel bad for the poor guy.

    1. @Hungti I can’t remember this hand. But odds are they “ran it twice”

      To iron out weird variance, running it twice or even three times.

      If you have 85% odds you should still win.
      But it makes sure you don’t get a sick river and lose the pot.
      And it gives the underdog twice as many opportunities to try and chop.

    2. @alicwkd worth more then your house ? I mean yes I would think he would be worth more then many peoples houses combined. Do you live in a mansion ?

  2. Love these videos and to hear your thoughts on specific actions. Notably, I don’t think you’ve said anything about the decision to straddle, which has been a key element in a couple of these monster hands you’ve presented. It would be illuminating to hear your specific thoughts on straddling, especially as it relates to specific players, situations, and dynamics.

    1. I would even be interested in a whole video about straddling. Your audience likely knows the basics – that it’s a -EV move in a vacuum. But even in the low/mid stakes live games I play in, it looks to me like it can be +EV and maybe even very +EV when taking certain table dynamics into consideration. Would like your advanced take on the subject.

    2. At that particular table, it would have been very +EV for both Dwan and Antonius to have everyone doing it (and I think this was one of the games were it was “on” for everyone . . . although Dwan would do it on his own from time to time during these games). Dwan and Antionius were both better players, and deeper, than the rest of the table, so anything which increased the stakes would have been to their benefit.

  3. I guess Dwan could bluff with J10 and QJ as well after checking the flop, honestly I think it’s hard not to assume that you have enough equity in the pot vs Dwan in Antonius spot. We need to find ~5-6 bluff combos in Dwans range, just put Dwan’s standard 3 bet hand J4o in there and it’s covered two fold!

  4. I can’t really call this a trap.  Dwan check called the flop believing he was way ahead.  He was just fortunate to hit his two outer on the turn thus creating a cooler of a hand.  I mean, Antonious could maybe get away from it, but his turn bet pretty much committed him to the pot.  Obviously a set is the only hand he doesn’t want Dwan to have as that means 1 out.

    1. @BartoszKosiarski Thanks. I found it interesting. If I was Antonius and I was beat, I am more likely to be beat by a straight than a higher set. In my thinking, having more chances to be up against a straight would make me more likely to call, since if I am not winning already I have more outs to improve to a boat on the river and take the pot. I guess that makes him pot committed with his 60k bet being check-raised. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    2. Doug is jelly of tom dwans moment in fame and takes jabs at him when he can

    3. KK and QQ are a total of six combos when the K and Q are on the board. By definition combos include the exact suits of the cards.

      If you have KQ on K62 rainbow vs. KK6, and are worried about AK, it’s a HUGE difference.

      AK beats you on both flops, but the COMBOS are different. 12 combinations on K62 vs. 4 on KK6, meaning AK is three times more likely as a holding on the first flop vs. the second.

      The fact that Dennis Reynolds can’t understand basic combinatorics and doubles down on his retardation just proves how hilarious it is he keeps claiming he’s better than _Tom Dwan_ in high-stake cash games. Dennis doesn’t play higher than 10NL.

    4. Hea trapping antonius with kings..he feels ahead.he put antonius on ace queen…when the turn comes..antonius bets.durr desides to chek raise all in to look like a bluff

  5. I like how respectful Dwan is whenever he wins a big pot, especially in cooler situations. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen him celebrate one.
    He was the absolute classiest guy on the table in televised poker. I repeat – on the table, in case I get replies to this re: jungleman etc.

    1. @JohnnyAppleseed well poker is a gentlemen’s game, im sure someone said this: assholes don’t deserve to breathe. Anyways its ok to celebrate but it depends on the celebration but most people go overboard but it is still classy to keep cool and not celebrate when its a HUGE amount of money. You do your thing tho, no one can stop you from doing it.

    2. @JohnnyAppleseed ya but it’s that kind of attitude from players like yourself who don’t like to respect other players or have integrity that makes it not a gentleman’s game anymore. Thanks for name calling btw, i tried to keep this civil but its obvious that you aren’t civil, thx for exposing yourself. Anyways this conversation has pretty much gotten to the point where we both made our points, anything more would be pointless at this time. Have a nice day, and as i said, you do you but don’t be surprised when their are consequences to your actions.

    3. @JohnnyAppleseed clearly someone took what Tupac said to heart and now he doesn’t breath, wonder if Tupac would’ve changed his mind on that statement now 😂🤷🏼‍♂️. Idiot.

    4. I celebrate every win like the Mexicans celebrate when they make a goal in soccer.

  6. If a person who is new to poker only watched this youtube series for the past two months, they would think that Antonius was the biggest loser in history.

    1. The guy lost a lot of money in big cash games against Chinese business men. Like a lot of money. He plays beyond his means and is reckless.

    2. lol how did u know? i watched poker 2 months ago. but now i know he is not the biggest looser.

  7. Is Dwan’s turn c/r the correct line if it’s so thin that even TT can consider folding and Antonius can have so many combos of straights?

  8. You should analyze the hand between Antonius and Laak where Antonius calls with pair of fours in the river.

  9. Doug I get that it’s probably more popular to review hands like this, but it seems like you pick the most well known and popular coolers and stuff, id like to see you review some more obscure spots in the future.
    Also, it would be pretty cool if you called the series “Polker hands” or something. Keep it up 🙂

  10. Doug that check call is beautiful, I do that at times to ,sometimes you want to win a small pot or lose a small pot with an over pair ..not a wonderful flop for kings in that situation and trips and big draws that could re raise if you bet out on the flop .Dwan has the experience to know what the best thing to do was on that flop and he did it ,when you could only have two outs on the flop good to keep the pot small there ,perfect play from Dwan plain n simple

  11. I think dwan can have Qs (i expect that more likely than Ks). Checking the flop protects your range, but it also makes sence because you crush the board so heavily

    1. Yeah set of QQQ can check and raised when the KK came because unless u have the set of QQQ u can’t check and raised into a set of KKK. You check raised the KKK if u think the other player have a set of QQQ on the flop

  12. Doug if you had been watching this entire session you’d see durr when raising or 3betting pots preflop was checking when he missed flops and he was missing alot of flops so I think his idea was to check to induce a bet from antonious. It made it look like durr was just trying to steal the pot from the straddle with a variety of hands, also gives balance to durr who may be checking JJ AK OOp on this board vs Antonious’s 3bet calling range against Durr. It also balances his range by checking overpairs on this board and Im sure he doesn’t do this enough against Antonious (they likely have ALOT of history) and so he checks so as to not play his hand as face up especially because he was checking alot of flops after being the agressor preflop. So it’s hard to critique this aspect of his play given we don’t know the entirety of his history against Antonius and given the overall dynamic if durr checking alot of flops in this live session. Most of the time he was checking & check calling because he had been missing alot of boards so he wants to balance that by checking his overpairs in this scenario. Antonious is not calling his 3bet with a standard 3bet calling range 6 handed, they have too much dynamic with each other. So we can’t even assume that QQ JJ TT are the main hands in Antonious’s 3bet calling range especially in position against Tom Dwan. But the check on the flop is brilliant it allows antonious to be bettimg with a bigger range of his 3bet calling range in position which consists of alot of suited connectors, Suited aces, and underpairs to the board.

  13. Poor Gabe. One of the best ever poker commentators with the smallest stack at the table

  14. I think I saw this episode a while ago and after Antonius left, Dwan actually had put him on a flopped set of 10s if I recall

    1. Yes which makes the check call on the flop make more sense. From Dwans perspective check call is the best play, I disagree with Doug on the flop. Also, Viffer pretty much would have had to go all in with his stack size pre flop. Would be silly to just flat.

  15. I love the way Tom always looks kinda shady/nervous even when he is destroying his opponents lol! Thanks for these vids, awesome stuff 🙂

  16. damn he really all in on a three of a kind when Tom was low key bluffing a straight

  17. The check on the flop was masterful! Drrr has such a wide range of starting hands that when he has a real hand he wants action. If Patrick shoves on a post flop bet, Drrr is in a tough position because what could Patrick have other than a set. Once again analysis of hands is so easy when you know the outcome, your specialty in these videos, and saying you like this or that play is ridiculous because in the moment you wouldn’t do anything that you said. Guess that’s why you “retired”, your to good lol. Lot of Hellmuth in you Doug!

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