SET OVER SET!! Chipleading 1st Ever High Roller w A$389,640 For 1st!! No Spoilers! Poker Vlog Ep 228

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SET OVER SET!! Chipleading 1st Ever High Roller w A$389,640 For 1st!! No Spoilers! Ep 228

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  1. This is the real brad owen! He promised he was going to post this vlog in rampages stream on twitch 😂

  2. Brad – thanks for continuing to post content. Your videos are great, entertaining, and informative. Hope to make it to a MUG someday!

  3. Got my first straight flush Saturday on a non paired board against the nut flush, what a feeling!!

    1. i know what you’re saying but it’s dumb; a straight flush is obviously the “nut” flush in any hand where it’s a possibility. unless they’ve changed the meaning of the word nut, in this context, to mean second best hand.

  4. what a vlog intro😂 that’s why you’re one of the best outside of the poker play!

    awesome to see you keep doing solid in tournaments man. it’s been one hell
    of a journey seeing you come from the first vlog til now!

  5. Yesterday I lost out on a couple of thousand with QQ vs 88, all in on turn with 8 on the river in a tournament that wasn’t really rolled for. But a set of AA vs 97s for $21k is just brutal on another level.

  6. Everytime I see you’ve dropped another video, I instantly click and like, sit back and relax. Love the narration in the beginning btw 😂😂

  7. It was cool seeing you in Rampage’s stream last night. The whole fake brad joke was so funny great video keep it up.

  8. Brad we are all so happy to see you become so successful. We all live vicariously through you because we are/were all $1/$2 players at one time. Thank you for continuing to post videos.

  9. You can see Brads passion to win a tourney when he doesn’t even flinch winning his biggest cash. With that drive he’s bringing home some hardware soon! 🤘🏼

  10. Brad, congrats on the deep run and for having a fantastic year of poker results. About the VO intro…I thought for sure he would say Kangaroo legs. 🤣

  11. Not a better way to wait for my takeaway after finishing work then watching Brad Owen’s latest vlog 👌

  12. Amazing videos and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I’m so happy I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $9,000 investment every 21days.

    1. He is legit and I still trade with him, since I am going to retire in my early 40s. having an expert broker like Mr James managing my investments is heartwarming, Because I don’t have to worry about a thing, I just sit down and earn profits every weekend 😊


    3. I’m happy to see Mr James Werden mentioned here, my spouse recommended him to me after investment $6500 and he has really helped us financially in times of covid -19 lockdown here in Australia

    4. His trading income stream is mind blowing, i also trade with him . I’ve made $62,000 so far trading with his guidance/advice

    5. @Samuel Ahmad Long-term investment with Mr James is the best, i invested $5,700 in April 2022, toping up my trades every week with $400. Rn i have over $88,200 on my dashboard. Long term investment is really the best..

  13. Good to see you recoup some money at the lodge! Awesome to watch this heater.

  14. Man I was looking forward to seeing what the ceiling looks like in Australia. Too bad they didn’t let you record during the games.

  15. Excellent stuff and congrats on the good trip! I need to start my collection of Bradley dollars, so hope to catch you at a MUG at some point 😁

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