Ryan Garcia Goes For Blood vs Andy Stacks

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Ryan Garcia Goes For Blood vs Andy Stacks

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  1. Andy lost the handd with Linglin because he started talking to her.

    1. Ling is also good enough to sniff things out unlike 80% of the players who usually play with them.

    2. Having the correct bankroll and being a decent player helps u “sniff “ things out way easier

    3. He revealed that he knew she wasn’t too strong top pair at best
      So overbet must be a bluff

  2. The way Andy puts pressure on the players usually works for people who played with scared money or just casual players. Players like Ling and Will are good enough and not scared enough to make those calls, especially knowing how Andy plays.

    1. Will plays too tight and Linglin is too loose overall.

      So Will wins little and loses little and Linglin wins a lot and loses a lot

    2. @Steve Kim Her calling that bet was not a rookie move in the least, she sniffed out what was going on by logically thinking about it.

    1. he’s got the right to do whatever he wants my guy. boxing is hard in a lot of ways that people don’t understand or respect. guys go from the top of the world to feeling like they’re nothing. friends ditch them, the works. they’ve hopefully got people around them who care, but in the end they have to figure out how to lose and move forward on their own. some guys come back stronger and we hope garcia is one of them. he’s got to get into the gym and work on fundamentals, keeping his chin protected and using his speed and his height to do things other than look phenomenal on offense and knock guys out. garcia is a likeable guy and you hope that he feels confident and like himself more and more moving forward. that’s all you can ask of him right now. he’s young and in the toughest point of his career and maybe his life.

  3. Well done Will – not letting himself get muscled out. Good to see his hand hold up.

  4. Very good handreading and call by Linglin. She sniffed it out perfectly.

  5. Mariano’s hairline is the definition of anti-balding, blessed genetics lmao

  6. Andy’s speech play got Linglin to call that… “Do I need King Jack??”

  7. That Ace-King vs Ace-Deuce suited hand pretty much told the story of the night. Poor Andy.

  8. Andy said “do I need KJ?” LingLin knew she got it. Against Will, just poker. Against A2, bad luck. Tough night for Andy. The best Pro

  9. Andy’s overbet on turn forced Will into all in. Unless he wanted an all in it was a mistake. Will only had around 45k so 26k forced his hand

    Seems like a mistake to overbet 18k pot

    He should have gone with 2/3 sizing which may have caused a fold. If Will calls then he can re-evaluate on River

  10. I don’t ever remember seeing Andy lose three hands in one night……..lol

  11. Not a better player in the game today, in all areas. True class

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