Ruthless Bluff! Calls The Clock! 😱

Speak about drama! This player called the clock on their opponent in the middle of a callous bluff at the WSOP Centerpiece!.

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Ruthless Bluff! Calls The Clock! 😱

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  1. “Make me sweat” buddy nobody wants to make you smell any worse than you already do

    1. lol tell everyone what you would do in this insane spot that you will 100% never experience

    2. @kevlar785  you don’t know me bud and what I’ve experienced. He is a goof if he called clock on the guy after 3 seconds. Not sure if video is edited to make it seem like 3 seconds but that’s the video.

  2. For everyone wondering where is he now? I saw Schwartz in October last year strung out on fent in skid row. True story

    1. When was this? The last I heard the poker community didn’t really know what happened.

    2. The poker community needs to rally around Justin and support him at this difficult time

      Justin wants to be staked for this years WSOP, so we should crowdfund him

  3. There’s a lot of poker players that i don’t like but this guy takes the cake

    1. Why, he was a flash in the pan. Morons like Dillhole Hellmuth and Nik Airball are still around….

  4. Why tf are all you guys so fn mean? You don’t know what his life’s like. That was a great bet tho there on 7th by Schwartz. I used to see Bert Boutain by my apartment in the arts district and we’d always try to help him when we could. I know I did.

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