RUNNING IT UP in the $250K! – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 25

We're off to a hot start on Day 2 of the $250,000 Super High-stakes gambler and seeking to make a deep run in the big one.

0:00 Introduction and Puppies
1:17 Drive In
3:20 QQ vs A4
3:44 1010 vs Q10
11:35 Drama
15:40 Chainsaw Corner
20:20 Scotty Infant!
22:03 End of Night

Introduction Tune:
Nbhd Nick – Good Pass Away Young

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RUNNING IT UP in the $250K! – 2022 Day 25

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  1. Can’t wait to see this one Daniel! Your luck the 2nd half of the WSOP should be EPIC.

  2. I feel for you Daniel. I woke up in The Netherlands and instantly went to Pokernews for an update and got the horrible news on the frontpage. Its humbling to see its sometimes too much for even a player like you. I recently had my days where I couldnt do anything right. I would lose the weirdest hands as a big favorite. At that point losing flips or KK vs a lone ace hit me harder then usual… It was crushing and made me doubt my game…. Im sure you have been there before and will overcome. You know its still +EV and its all to play for in the long run. Hope the luck turns and wish you all the best.

  3. Daniel, it’s been a rough series but remember that you’re still one of the GOATs!!! I love the vlog. Watching everyday when it premiers. This vlog is going to get picked up by a big network! Lol Stay healthy brother!

  4. One thing I’m confident in is that you’ll learn from this and see it for what it is: a catalyst to change something which only helps to catapult you even further into poker excellence. That’s how you’ve gotten here. I can’t wait to see how you do it and then emulate it.

  5. I’m admiring your resolve this year compared to previous years, it’s enjoyable to watch! Thanks for the vlogs!

  6. Your puppers are adorable!!
    Even when you’re down you still have a sense of humor! I’m sorry for the bad runs on the flips. I hope it turns around.
    That dessert looked awesome!

  7. You really make me wanna have your mental state, loosing half a mil and tilting for a short time to then going back out there and even getting a chainsaw corner in!!! That’s why you’re my favourite player and you inspire to be more positive in tough situations. Thank you for the reality check Dnegs!!

  8. You’re awesome Daniel! I grew up watching you Moneymaker and Doug and fell in love with poker. Many Saturday nights in the early 2000s playing Texas hold ‘em after me and the boys finished football and wrestling practice!

  9. Even the GOATs go through tough times. 3rd in the all-time winningest list, 1st in popularity ranking, and arguably the most influential player of all time. It’ll be monumental to see you bounce back and dominate again.
    P.S. You and Ivey are my two most favourite players.

  10. Very honest reaction… thank you Daniel for continuing to grind. Things will change, it will balance it self out.

  11. Hang in there Daniel, good to see you talk through your emotions, always helps to move onwards to the next one, 250k, 2.5k!!! a bracelet is a bracelet. GO DNEGS, Woop Woop

  12. Thank you for sharing your raw emotions right after a tough beat. You’re a winner in my book.

  13. Emotion, passion, love to see it. Deep breaths and focus on the next one.

  14. I feel ya Daniel! 20 years of winning as a rec player; and since the pandemic started, I’ve run so unbelievably bad! Granted I haven’t played as much, but I’ve only been able to scrape a few winning sessions. Went from winning about 70-80% of the time, to about 15%. Worse yet, my biggest win doesn’t even cover my lowest loss!

  15. I love that most of the comments you’re getting are positive and supportive. Anyone who has followed you for longer than a minute knows you love everybody and have an absolute heart of gold. Keep grinding bro, we’re rooting for ya.

  16. I can’t believe how much I still enjoy these vlogs. The ups and downs are brutal. Thanks for sharing so openly and honestly for so lonh.

  17. Main Event will be Justice for Dnegs. Hoping for a huge Swing in the Main!

  18. Daniel – thank you for doing this vlog! It blows all the other vlogs away in my opinion. And I’m a huge fan.

    Keep your head up and you’ll make a huge score. I know you will! Get it buddy.

  19. The opposite of how you ran for the first 10-15 years of your career… I would imagine. Just think how frustrating it would have been to START your poker career with this run of cards! Some people have to battle through exactly that. Just like Doyle and Chip once said… “When you ask me who the best players are… Get back to me in 30 years and I will tell you.”

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