RUNNING DEEP in a BIG ONE! – Daniel Negreanu 2024 WSOP VLOG Day 3

We're deep in the big field $500 Turbo and looking to make a run at another bracelet and begin this series off right. Also, a fascinating fan interaction leads to some self reflection.

0:00 Intro
0:45 Shower
0:55 Walk In Video
2:25 Interview
2:47 Starting Table
5:35 Possibility Kornuth
6:12 First Break
7:11 Second Break
7:40 Oops-O-Meter
8:46 HUGE Pot
9:23 What do you Want?
11:50 Authenticity
13:00 No one's Perfect
13:50 The Strategy
17:00 All In
17:50 Dinner
18:20 All In
18:50 End of the day

I'm back with another amazing year of your preferred vlogs, streaming daily from Las Vegas throughout the whole 2024 . Tune in every morning around 9:15 am PT for hand breakdowns, analysis, all-ins, encounters with legends like and Phil Hellmuth, epic bad beats, deep runs, and hopefully, another bracelet!

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RUNNING DEEP in a BIG ONE! – Daniel Negreanu 2024 WSOP VLOG Day 3

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    1. That’s what 3m+ gets you in Lake Las Vegas! Beautiful place… and he earned every bit of it.

  1. For the sake of conversation and comparison, we see a ton of headlines over large buy-in tournaments with “celebrity” poker players and tiny fields of 125 or less. Is not the gold standard those playing fields with at least 1500 or more entrants? Isn’t that where the skills of poker survival truly shine?

    1. It has been pretty cool seeing Dnegs navigating these massive fields, and of course he has a significant edge over most of the players here. However, variance is a much bigger factor in these tournaments, especially with a turbo format. Skill can be expressed in many different ways in Poker; I don’t think navigating a large field of inferior players is where we see Daniel shine the most. Survival was not Daniel’s goal here as much as winning the tournament.

    2. large fields largely means more variance. Small fields of difficult players is much harder to win and fight for every pot. But a $500 tournament with 1k+ people you can just play perfectly the entire time and lose QQ vs AK at any time (over dramatic and simple example, but oyu get the idea).

  2. Appreciate you showing that you were mad and that you are human as well! Love the real in your videos Daniel! All love.

  3. I got a good feeling about the main event this year Daniel you’re gonna be on the final table! I might have a bet on you good luck mate.

  4. I would never use a public restroom if I were Daniel…. People have no boundaries.

    1. daniel at the urinal.
      neck beard who hasn’t showered or changed in 2 days because it’s they’re “lucky clothes:” “Hiiiiii Daniel…… can I get a picture with you 🥺.”

    2. No joke yesterday twice: washing my hands in the sink a guy comes up to me like 6 inches from my face, then later a guy IN the bathroom snaps a selfie

  5. After working at a destination where lots of celebrities’ come and go. I have learned that the last thing they want to do is take another picture. I can definitely see why timing is everything especially in a competitive setting. I appreciate Daniel for keeping it real and honest. One of the things that add so much value to his content. Love from Canada and GL the rest of the series.

  6. Does anyone else follow WSOP and take a peak at how Daniel is doing before the VLOGs drop? It gets me excited for it even more the next day!

  7. Go Daniel! I appreciate you keeping in the parts when you’re frustrated. You’re right no one is perfect. Hope you have a good rest at your house and come back and crush!

  8. Yes, Daniel, your sincerity and honesty is one of the reasons I’m such a big fan.

  9. Don’t forget 1 thing. I love you Daniel, im a big fan of you and I won’t miss a video, especially the vlogs of your wsop. Keep going Daniel ! ❤

  10. Me – surprised to see Daniel that mad.
    Me – surprised to see he kept that in the video
    Me – Impressed with Daniel explaining why he kept that part in the video.
    Class act.

  11. Being real and yourself is what has built you so many followers, and I think you dealt with better than 90% of people would. I spent my adult life watching you play and I dont think you have ever been disrespectful to ANYONE, maybe Phil Helmuth would disagree 🙂

  12. Last year, I waited patiently for Daniel, to the point that he actually asked me what I wanted. I answered just a picture, but I’d wait since he was playing. Once he was out of the next hand, he graciously came over and took the pic. Could not have been nicer.

    1. I was watching him play at the PokerGo Studio when he won over 2 million, he came out to the bar and very graciously did a selfie with me during a break. Nice guy!

    2. What I liked most of all during that clip of him being annoyed, he still took the pic. That’s it

    3. Thanks for your patience! Sometimes people don’t have that level of self awareness to be respectful and understanding of someones time. Like if you take a step back, think about what I deal with daily, and then choose the best time to approach me, I really appreciate that!

  13. Being real Is very important. When people are fake it’s very obvious. And what is entertaining to me. Is the realness in vlogs and reality TV. I find it very entertaining. Just like Howard Stern. It’s important to be honest and your true self.

  14. Appreciate your honesty Daniel. Just another reason I respect you. I was surprised by your reaction… but I FULLY understand it. So keep up the real life stuff. It’s just another reason I follow you. And thanks for being a wonderful Canadian ambassador. Continued good luck and thanks for sharing and teaching all of us.

  15. Perfectly acceptable to be a little tilted by the guy asking for a photo. I think people have forgotten that it’s a privilege and a gift if someone agrees to a photo. And you didn’t even say no, which is more admirable. You’re a good lad Daniel. Much love from Ireland.

  16. Love the videos as always, defo my fav time of year to kick back and watch your wsop vlogs everyday!! Enjoy your time at your fabulous new home with the mrs and those adorable puppies. ❤

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