RUNNING DEEP and IN IT to WIN IT! – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 20

It's time to turn among nowadays 2's into a deep run and a shot at a . Plus more Ivey time!

0:00 Introduction and Puppies
1:43 Drive In
4:35 Table Draw
6:12 Ivey Time
9:55 Multi-Tabling
12:18 Supper Break
15:00 Bubble Time
18:28 Another Level
21:05 Finish up

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RUNNING DEEP and IN IT to WIN IT! – 2022 Poker Vlog Day 20

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to take a picture with me yesterday Daniel! Wishing you some run good for the rest of the series!

    1. Hopefully you gave him a lucky rabbits foot or a lucky horse shoe .🤡👍

  2. Another great vlog, thanks for bringing us along. Must be aggravating when the game runs late. Good luck tomorrow, want to see you win! Go Daniel 😁

  3. Was trying to follow Ivey and Negreanu last night. The night seemed to end with Negreanu in second of his tournament and Ivey near the bottom of his. Counts update this morning and Ivey has a to 10 stack and Negreanu is last in his game. WHAT HAPPENED?

  4. Love the Vlog Daniel. Wish you the best in everything you do! I always love having a couple of tournies on GG and the Vlog in one corner. Only problem is that a tournament can last a few hours. So maybe 4 hour Vlogs? 😁

  5. 15:19 Daniel is going to a room of little boys to release “the poison”

  6. Great stuff. What you “give away, back to the poker community” is priceless.

  7. Thanks for the Vlog Daniel, love the content. I was wondering if you could give some insight on one hand where you read Matt Berkley’s hand AK and discarded him having AA,KK or QQ, based on what was played I thought it would be a 50/50 of him having AK or one of the pairs given that there are 18 combos with the pairs and 16 AK. So I’m surely missing something. Here’s the video of the hand: . Keep it up, greetings from Spain.

  8. Ur looking great Daniel! Love vlogs and its clear the poker has gotten better! Keep it my man! Ill be here every year

  9. Never seen Phil I’ve looking so happy, fit and he even smiles from time to time. Love it

  10. I was so happy when I saw your chip count was getting bigger and bigger! You can do it Daniel!

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