ROYAL FLUSH vs SET On Day 3 Of BIGGEST Tournament Of The Year!! Crushing Everyone! Poker Vlog Ep 240

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ROYAL FLUSH vs SET On Day 3 Of BIGGEST Tournament Of The Year!! Crushing Everyone! Ep 240

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  1. I was literally refreshing your Youtube-Channel like 3 times every hour today hoping for part 2 of the vlog!

    1. Kolja Kolumna auf der Suche nach der besten Geldanlage. Fühlst du dich schon ready an der WPT teilzunehmen?

  2. Love ya Brad. So proud of how far you’ve come. Been watching since the 1/2 – 1/3. Days

    1. EXACTLY!!! From the early giraffe references to him plugging his buddy CheckRaiseCharles…even in those days he had solid content on why he played hands the way he did.

    2. Isn’t it awesome to take this journey along with Brad? I once had a sparkle in my eye, and big dreams of playing against Phil Ivey, and running deep in 10K’s, but to watch this stand-up dude pull it off over the years has been the next best thing. Wishing him continued run good!

    3. @Brandon Strom that’s the biggest thing for me. It’s cool to see people succeed, but Brad really deserves it imo. The dude is just a class act.

  3. That shove with the pocket 7s was glorious even though you ended up having the best hand. I love hearing your explanations of how you piece things together.

  4. As far as rough runouts go, watching your friend drill a Royal Flush in your face to stay alive is far from the worst possible outcome especially since it didn’t eliminate you. That’s a poker memory he will remember forever; straight out of a fantasy.

    1. You can see at the end of the hand that I’ve got a smile on my face. I never like losing an all in, especially deep in a tournament, but to lose it against a friend for a smaller amount to keep his tournament run alive in a royal flush vs set runout is about the best way to lose one of those and I was happy for him.

    2. @Brad Owen Nick Vitucci the scammer that swindle millions of dollars from people in his real estate Seminars and Con-man of Poker

  5. Win or lose, you’re really playing the best I’ve ever seen you play, well done!

  6. The puns with Adel killed me, I almost choked on my food, Brad. Excellent delivery XD

    1. Miss an opportunity to say that he was rolling deep, though – pretty sure the commentator said it for him a few minutes later.

  7. It has been so cool to see your quick progression and success over the last few years Brad! Love the vlog. Your humor is the best. And I feel almost special, as a longtime viewer from your early days, to see you dominate the sport and live out your dream! Thanks for bringing us along and allowing us to “participate” in sharing the emotions and successes with you.

  8. The breakdown at 22:00 is exactly why Brad is one of the best poker influencers. We appreciate you Brad

  9. Man, that preview is looking great, I can’t wait to see the next one. Rooting for not a top 10 nor a top 5, I want to see you win it all. Like Mike Sexton used to say, may all of your cards be live and your pots monster!!

  10. Thank you Brad! Congratulations! As a fan I couldn’t tell you how many years I’ve been waiting for a vlog, not one, but apparently at least a 3 vlog tourney! It’s been so incredible watching you become the player you are today! Youre a top dog!

  11. Never write on here Brad, but figured 2023 it was time after following for so many years. Honestly incredible what you have done so far and the level your game has improved to. This last video and the walkthrough of the thought process with the 7s was a great touch and helps complete the picture.
    I look forward to the next video but more importantly your career. Thanks for sharing with the group of us who can’t or don’t share the same career path.
    All the best.

  12. Never in my life have I been hoping for a quickly passing weekend after hearing the next episode is airing on monday already. So awesome to watch, as always

  13. Damnit Brad you have me all pumped up. Can’t wait to see what happens on day 4! The teasers are hype.

  14. Proud of you Brad, keep crushing life. Your father would be so damn proud of you. You are such an inspiration to many.

  15. feels like a fever dream to watch these, to see how quickly everything has changed in just a short couple of years. no one deserves it more than you man. super happy for you and can’t wait for the next one!

  16. The next vlog will be a special one. I can’t wait to put it out. Thanks for watching and subscribing to the channel. I mentioned there was a hand at the end where I bluffed off a good chunk of my stack. Someone asked about it in a different comment and here’s what I wrote as the response and the details of that blunder:

    There wasn’t footage of it since it was at the outer table and not an all in. When I’m playing a tournament for potentially hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, my first priority isn’t to film like I would normally in a cash game. When I’m at an outer table I only bring my camera out for all ins when there’s no more action. Notice that I didn’t explain how I went from 2.4 million to 3.1 million either. Here are the details of the hand though…

    BTN opens to 80k @ 20k/40k. I’m in the BB w Jh9d. I call. Flop is 984cc. I check. BTN bets 85k. I raise to 300k with top pair and a backdoor straight draw (probably shouldn’t have). The BTN calls. Turn is 6c so the flush draw gets there. I check and the BTN checks back. I think when he does this he won’t ever have a flush and probably just has 1 pair at best. The river is the Qd. I have a blocker to the straight and my hand has been reduced to second pair. I don’t think I’ll be good at showdown after the BTN called my check-raise, but the fact that he didn’t re-raise and also checked back turn caps his range, so I bet 650k to rep the flush and get snap-called by JTcc. The BTN indeed had a flush. I don’t love the way I played the hand but I’m going to lose a few hundred thousand no matter what.

    1. Of course he has a flush! It’s actually a pot control, and give you a shot to bluff off move to check back his flush on the turn in that spot. After all, he doesn’t figure you to be that strong normally in the bb. Which means you likely can’t call much if any on the turn. Unless you have a bigger flush, which kills him of course. So…pot control/give you a shot. Hell I’ve checked back flushes for tons of profit in later streets. I’m sure you have too.

  17. Helllo…. it’s Brad.. adel puns are great. Thanks for making my night a little better having a vid to watch. Keep it up man 😎💯

  18. I know the final standings already and where you places, but going through the tourney from your POV still gives the adrenaline rush! Gg!

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