Royal Flush vs Quads in the World Series of Poker Main Event!

This may be the most renowned poker hand of all time!

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Royal Flush vs Quads in the World Series of Poker Main Event!

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    1. This I would call more of a cooler (as stated by guy above). The definition of a bad beat (actually happened to me online) — I had AK and opponent had K2, flop came down with AK giving me two pair, other guy goes all in at flop and I call, 2 on the turn, 2 on the river giving him a FH. 🙄

      Are you kidding me??

    2. @@CoolPapaJMagik doesn’t matter how you twist it. A bad beat is a huge hand getting beat by an even better hand. He has quad aces (2nd nuts) and literally the only hand that beats him on that board is a royal flush. The definition of a bad beat, as OP stated

    3. @@viccelito I always knew a bad beat to mean you’re way ahead when the chips go in and the opponent hits some magic card(s) to beat you

  1. Mabuchi deserves that for splashing the pot and saying GAMBLE with Quads

    1. Yeah I guess the dealer would have just looked at him and wanted to punch his face in.

      You even hear the joy in his voice when he says royal flush, you can tell he wants to shout “hahahahaha you lose”!!!! In his face.

    2. ​@user-cj3mg5nf4w how is it bad etiquette man? that’s the entire game. enticing your opponent into taking the bait. not showing your excitement when you have a strong hand. give me a break! im so tired of people in poker being gate keepers. its not a slow roll because he didnt have the nuts. so basically i do not agree with you at all

    3. ​@@slaytanicsabbathits not bad etiquette. people in poker are just gate keeping sour pusses

  2. He wnt from straight on the turn to royal flush on the river. If he had sleeves I’d be leary.

    1. yes the worst bad beat possible. I once hate quad queens cracked by a straight flush. so sickening

    2. @@jpk22 it’s literally both. the bad beat jackpot would have been in play and they would have gotten paid in many cash game places bc this is the definition of what gets paid in a bad beat jackpot

    3. @@ryanbaines7311 why? Ok if both players go all in preflop it is a bad beat, But the player with KJs has the advantage in the turn card, so never could be in the river a bad beat and in the river the hand becomes in a bigger cooler.

    4. @@jpk22 so bad beat jackpots only get paid out if both players go all in preflop?

    1. He did that because he figured there was no way he’s losing.
      Imagine you get quad a,s

    2. @@Horsecentstoday Still aren’t supposed to do it. Mabuchi was all in, Phillips wasn’t. If Mabuchi thought he was going to win, they would need an accurate count of his chips to see what Phillips lost. Since he splashed the pot, they wouldn’t be able to do this.

    1. This isn’t live. They had to replay this hand for the cameras. That’s why he splashed his chips in and says gamble. He already knew he lost the hand

    2. He didn’t say gamble. He said GAM-BO. It’s an ancient North Singapino blessing.

    3. @@MageB0nkPwn 100% not true. They always have roaming cameras at the Main Event to catch action.

  3. They should have a bad beat clause where you get your buy in back in a situation like this. Wouldn’t happen too often

    1. I believe they do have that now. But it’s for next year’s tournament.

  4. This is probably the most iconic statistical improbability in poker history.

    Quad Aces vs Royal Flush with ray romano sitting at the table.

     @clownbaby3877  Drinking Mountain Dew…

    1. @@Mike-qo4kp Nope quads against quads each player has to hit two exacts cards on the board, a royal flush has to hit three exact cards on the board.

    2. quads over quads is harder than staight flush vs quads. they are sharing one of the community cards@@Runnerboy2012

    3. ⁠@@Runnerboy2012it could be 4 cards on the board with a royal flush. But the point is you have to have 5 exact cards for a royal flush vs the 4 exact cards you need for quads.

  5. That old Dew can, the cyan IPod nano, wifebeater high rollers. Early 2000s you will be missed

    1. It’s 08 or 09, Phillips made that royal flush when Eastgate or Cada won the main event, i know eastgate made a royal flush too.

  6. Flops trip aces and rivers quad aces and gets eliminated. That’s gotta hurt!

  7. The payout on that bad beat in a poker room would’ve been SICKKKK

    1. In my poker room they just hit the jackpot with 7 2 sick outcome never seen that in my life quad deuces against straight flush seven kicker play unbelievable

  8. The main event will never have this feel again. I tried to watch this years and i couldnt make it through one episode

    1. Like watching bots no personality no charisma just boring same table talk all time early 2000s was best time to watch and play poker

  9. Never see those hands together again, in a tournament, for 50 years. Incredible.

    1. Yet online poker has them come up together multiple times a day, every day.

    2. That’s because there’s only maybe 10k players in a year. Pokerstars dealt it’s 200 BILLIONTH hand in 2018. It’s all about volume and the law of large numbers.

    3. Yup, back when online poker started, I lost my whole bank with quad aces to royal flush. Flopped quads and lost on river… totally rigged

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