Royal Flush in Las Vegas Poker Tournament!

Have a look at this insane hand where a player strikes a on a poker livestream in Las Vegas!

in Las Vegas Poker Tournament!

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  1. Even though you still only use two cards…it somehow doesn’t feel as special as NLH royal flush.

    1. Yep, I’ve had two in 23 years of live poker, one flopped and one rivered, and there’s nothing like having the absolute, stone-cold, nutter butters.

    2. @@Just_Peleonline poker just washes it I guess, I’ve played 15 months of nlh and I’ve hit 4 one of which was flopped. Played maybe 5000 hands of plo and I’ve hit two there aswell.

  2. And in spades!! I’ve had 2 on zynga poker. It took 2 years for the first one, and another 3 for the next one.

    1. I know two pro omaha players in there late 50s that have only made a couple royals

  3. Its omaha. It happens much more frequently same with quads and straight flushes

  4. They didn’t even show us the full board ffs so we didn’t witness it.. Jokes & horrible shorty vid..

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