Rock Legend Steve Albini On Winning Bracelet #2, WSOP Stories Thus Far – DAT Poker Pod Episode #125

0:10 Intros, Capturing up, Missing Out On DNegs and Adam
1:00 Terrence's Trip
3:15 covid sweeps the
9:10 With the market down and covid, the series is still thriving!
12:05 Steve Albini joins the program after winning his 2nd !
18:00 The popular Chicago house video game, noteworthy players and fun variations.
34:00 The comeback to winning the tournament
49:15 Steve breaks the right after getting it
51:30 The rest of his series plans, more technique chatter
1:02:30 Catching up on the news, severe tanking, cheaters getting called out, Scott Seiver fires 43 bullets, Neymar gets here!

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Rock Legend Steve Albini On Winning Bracelet #2, WSOP Stories Thus Far – DAT Poker Pod Episode #125

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  1. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuides donde quiera que Kayantanii.UNO encantan tus videos.

  2. Once a day, twice a day, sometimes if there’s something online three times a day…that sounds like something else!

  3. Terrance, We saw you on the DNEG vlog. Limit specialist represent. I was like “fucking liar” 🤣

  4. Haha at first glance I thought the thumbnail was Antonio Esfandiari 😂😂

  5. That was my fav ever of these really liked T’s Presenting skills made it very enjoyable

  6. FYI : start with 00:00 for the timestamps in order for the chapters to show up in the scroll bar

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