REVERSE BLOCKERS! | How to WIN $3,000,000 in 3 Days Part 18

We're 3 Handed and in a fascinating area versus Lucky Chewy where we need to decide whether to safeguard leading pair. Also, we discuss blockers and reverse blockers.

0:00 Introduction
1:14 Preflop
3:30 3 Bet?
5:09 Flop
7:46 Turn
10:00 Blockers
13:09 River
14:00 Reverse Blockers

The 2023 Super High-stakes Gambler Bowl was a $300,000 Buy-In occasion featuring all the killers consisting of Jason Koon, Alex Foxen, Justin Bonomo, Stephen Chidwick, LuckyChewy, Michael Addamo, Isaac Haxton, Nick Petrangelo and more! Stay tuned to the channel for more hands from this "How to Win $3,000,000 in 3 days" series, new videos two times a week! leading set.

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REVERSE BLOCKERS! | How to WIN $3,000,000 in 3 Days Part 18

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  1. I love watching this type of videos from Daniel. I’ve learnt a lot by doing so. Thank you.

  2. I started playing poker in 2013 without the slightest prior knowledge and my main source of inspiration was watching your games. As far as I know about poker today, you are its shareholder

  3. Daniel, these “how to win $3,000,000” videos have been so great. Both informative and entertaining! Thank you for doing this for us.

    1. as I am quite into math myself i study econometrics. We also have a game theory track and I love how Daniel has crazy knowledge

  4. Another very insightful and interesting hand breakdown Daniel, appreciate the explanation of checking top pair on the flop. Definitely don’t want to be overplaying top pair, but also be prepared to call turn and being cautious so opponents can’t exploit you for just playing 2 pair or better. Thanks again man!

  5. I like this video a lot better than some of the others. This is a more advanced strategy video and a very good analysis of reverse blockers.

  6. ‘Capping the range on the turn’ Brilliant…You know your stuff Daniel.

  7. I really appreciate you sacrificing by providing such insightful knowledge to the public. Much love

    1. Don’t fall for the Writeme, WhatsApp, and TELEGRAM scams. These are criminals impersonating the owner of this YouTube channel!

  8. I had to re-watch the last minute river content multiple times to understand it. Thanks for the awesome content!

  9. This might be the best educational poker series I have seen. I play cash and this series has added a large number of tools to my toolbelt. Really like the check back flop to protect your turn range in position. Turn is the most challenging street for me and this tip will really help me prepare for it a lot of spots.

  10. This happens to be some of my sticking points right now. felt like you were talking to me directly about my play. love your videos!!!

  11. Been out of poker for a while… But the recent PokerGo content and then this video is slowly getting the buzz back for me.

    Great video Daniel, understood it fully and it’s amazing because most of these in depth terms like EV and theory optimal terms wasn’t around when I played. But you explain it all so well and so concisely.

    You’re a credit to the poker world my friend.

  12. Even as a non-player, the math behind these decisions is interesting. Thanks for explaining.

  13. Excellent! The actual wisdom required to play, exceeds the level of thought that most people put towards the game! The more I study the more I think of Hercule Poirot, ‘The little gray cells, they do not lie’ I believe it’s hard for people to set ego aside and allow true-self to make decisions that are logical. Ego can’t understand small ball, and True-self just shakes it’s head at the grandeur of Ego. True self is sadistic, and Ego seems masochistic. No wonder they both live in our heads.

  14. My brain feels bigger from watching this video. The break down is by far the most insightful and accessible I have ever seen. Long time fan!
    Daniel….YOU are the GOAT.

  15. Daniel negreanu. You’re the only
    Poker guy I watch on YouTube. You’re that informative and entertaining

  16. ur a beast bro… u got me into poker lol now i got all my friends to play w me every tuesday

  17. Thanks for doing these, Daniel. The depth of analysis is really awesome compared to what else you see out there. To be able to learn from your years of experience is cool.

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