Retired Businessman Attempts Huge Bluff at High Roller Final Table

from Texas showed up in Las Vegas with a plan of beating the best of the best at their own video game! The 78-year retired person made the last table of the PokerGO Cup $10,000 Occasion and then he tried this substantial !

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Retired Businessman Attempts Huge at High Roller Final Table

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  1. Schulman asking him to show. For a second I thought he was calling the action. Forgot he was sitting right there. 😀

  2. Is Katz allowed to look at Sebesta’s hand after he showed them to the other player but put them face down after ?? 😮

    1. @Robin You’re spot on Robin, it’s a rule at most casinos. At least I haven’t seen one that doesn’t employ that rule

    2. Pretty much a rule at 99% of casino poker rooms. In a private game like Hustler, Lodge, or Bike, those rules don’t exist. But if you’re on the floor at a 1/3 or 2/5 table and you show one person, you have to show others. You can get away with it if other players don’t have a problem with it.

    3. @M G I’m subbed to multiple poker channels on YouTube, and I’ll sometimes see a player show their hand to one person while they’re still in the hand.

  3. Sebesta played this hand tremendously. Made his opponent squirm fold. Awesome clip

    1. It’s not huge but it’s much bigger than it would have been 10 years ago

  4. also, my understanding of poker terms, it’s not a set of aces, but trip aces– a set comes when u have a pocket pair and hit one on the flop, turn, or river.

    1. Set or trips or 3 of a kind it makes no difference how you made it, it’s just different ways of saying exactly the same thing

    2. @pete barlow Hes saying he believes a set refers specifically to when you have a pair in hand and hit 1 card on the flop, turn or river. He believes its called trips if you have 1 card in hand and 2 on the board. I’ve always assumed they were the same thing too but it does seem nice to have a delineation between the 2 as they are very different scenarios

    3. @Fractal_Mind yeah I understood what he was trying to say I was just saying it’s not the case.
      I agree it would be nice

  5. Just want to commend the writer of the title for a perfect job. The result isn’t given away and the suspense of the play is preserved. Very entertaining clip!

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure I’ve seen Eric persson lose a single hand on his channel so it’s not very entertaining to watch

    2. If the job was clickbaiting as hard asa possible, I agree. 1/10 of a stack is far from being a huge bluff.

  6. Does everyone who plays poker have some kind of spectrum disorder? What is with all the fiddling with chips and clicking and what not?

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