Ragin’ on Rampage & Hustler Investigation Results – DAT Poker Pod Ep #135

0:00 Intro
1:50 Substantial WPT Wynn Turnout, "Nemo" & "Thallo" rigged giveaway controversy
10:15 Pearl-clutching over Ethan '' Yau
25:15 Isai Scheinberg honoured at WPT & Hall Of Popularity discussion
31:35 Partial WSOP Arrange details, Daniel and Terrence change a competition format
41:05 Hustler Gambling establishment Live finishes up investigation, Robbi & make statements
51:00 Koon beats Hellmuth for $800k.
54:00 Dan Smith tennis vs Frying Pan bet.

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Ragin' on & Hustler Investigation Results – DAT Poker Pod Ep #135

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  1. The mystery bounties I have played locally usually don’t make the bounties available until late in the tournament.

  2. Rampage also busted 3 minutes before dinner break and used his time to decide if he was going to buy back in, which he had only 1 hour and 3 minutes to max late registration.

  3. The money should have been confiscated by HCL and given back to the victim if foul play was proved or to the winner otherwise.

  4. So to clarify, Robbi has not been found to be guilty – but she hasn’t been found to be innocent either. However, I’ve been extremely unimpressed with what’s been presented in this case. Think the Mike Postle thing, hand after hand of incredibly suspicious play that can only make sense if he knows exactly what his opponent is holding. In this case, it’s just a single turn call. And yes, it’s a very strange call, but anyone can do something nonsensical in one hand. Cheating is a grave accusation and we should have a high standard of evidence to find someone guilty of it. I get why Garrett makes those accusations in the heat of the moment, but I think perspective is needed in the long-term.

  5. Followed Rampage since the pandemic and he inspires thousands of casuals with talent. I’m a casual

  6. I personally would never stake on the staking sites unless they allow you to stake for all bullets of a tournament rather than just first bullet

  7. I remember early 2000s playing low limits poker at the Horseshoe. My table had two guys almost fighting and people smoking at the table. It was great.

  8. Is the whole report of the investigation public? I just want to see answers to several key questions. Everyone should questioned this instead of blindly saying that “they investigated it, they didn’t find anything”…

  9. Dilution of shares should be automatic for big money tourneys, it’s better for staking in general and seems fair considering final table will always payout at least 10 x the Buy-in and you’re giving back pennies compared to what is won. Rampage is also where he is because of the people who support him, what he did shows appreciation for the opportunities that have come his way.
    Also on the Garrett stuff, this was not the first time G accused someone of cheating when he lost a big pot, he did a Polk interview a long time ago where he talks about accusing a big well known home game of cheating him out of a similar sized pot.

    1. yeah Share dilution is the way to go. Because selling those pieces for the first bullet helped the player’s cost of the tournament as a whole. Would they play 2 bullets if they had to pay 100% for both? Mostly no for folks needed that extra juice.

  10. Rampage only sold off 25%, shouldered the rest and then bust. Came back and fully funded his next buy in with his own cash. How does he owe anyone anything at that point? When you stake someone you fully know the risk involved. If they lose you’re SOL. That doesn’t give you rights to their next buy in. The fact that he reimbursed them AND gave them 1x their stake on top of that was something he absolutely did not need to do.

    1. It helped him keep their goodwill, and means he could get their support for another sale of his backing next round. Busting on OPM then winning on his own cash would sound like a dirty trick to his backers (and part of why I didn’t buy in when Daniel offered pieces of his action–this was when Daniel went through a big losing run at the WSOP, and that meant when he busted, you were SOL indeed). That second bullet might be a case of “time to swallow the hurt, bite a second bullet and see if I can make it up.” Because nobody wants to feel they got punked backing you.

  11. Rampage giving what amounts to roughly 13,000 $ back to his fans is a good move for him and his channel.

  12. I remember in the “Million dollar game” streamer Ludwig Ahgren did, WPT Global put up the first 50 grand bullet for Alex Botez (who wore their logo on her top). She did have a 50 grand reserve for a second bullet, but she got to win 450 grand on the first bullet.

  13. Particularly well-balanced and interesting discussion. Congrats gentlemen.

  14. I really don’t get the logic behind accusing Rampage of being not honest. I would think if he didn’t give money back to his investors this will be an issue. What is going on with these people

  15. To me who ever bad mouths Rampage for paying back his investors are just haters, that is disappointing to hear people would actually talk down on him for doing so, this makes me respect Rampage much more.

  16. The mystery bounty they will do like the MSPT has done, you wont get into the bounties until day 2 and then the minimum bounty will be 10K

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