QUADS In 5/10/20 ALL IN Pot w/New Millionaire!! Poker Vlog Ep 193

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QUADS In 5/10/20 ALL IN Pot w/New Millionaire!! Ep 193

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  1. Man love the content!! Not like regular poker videos, so much attention to detail when explaining the hands, always action. post the losses as well as the wind and y can see the progression and improvements every vid. Keep it up bro. Love from London 🤙🏾

    1. His commentary is great..waiting to see him get the nod and report live from the 53rd maybe??

  2. First time I’ve been early to an episode! You got me into poker bro, absolutely love the content. Earned my sub 🙂

    1. Same I just got off work and didn’t see the video posted 6 hours ago, until I read this comment

    2. And he also got me into poker too, I’m not 21 but in July when I’m in Vegas hopefully I see brad Fr

  3. God bless you Brad, honestly. I’ve never actually played poker, but just learning the game from watching you has been a neat journey. Your way of life as a self-made guy, young, good looking, thriving financially with the Youtube thing (and obviously poker winnings) — I look up to you dude. As a normal 27 year old guy, I’m envious of you in the most humble sense. Keep it up Brad.

    1. The beauty mark draws you in….then you look in his eyes and it’s fate!

    2. @Bilal he was just complimenting him bud. Nothing wrong with that. No need to make it a big deal

    3. Was planning on doing blogs but now that you mention the good looking thing I don’t think I would succeed, I don’t think I have the Andrew and brand Kavorka.😔

  4. It’s been amazing to see you climb the stakes and keep crushing over the years Brad. Congrats on your new venture and gl in the nosebleeds!

    1. Thanks David, I actually just finished a high stakes session this morning that will be covered in episode 199. It will be one to look out for. Good luck to you man.

  5. Just when I didn’t think your vlogs could get any better. Can’t wait for the next ones.

  6. Congratulations on your new affiliation with Doug and Andrew! So much opportunity awaits you guys. You are going to do well. Can’t wait to watch it unfold.

  7. I’m a lot older than you and a huge fan. I was a reluctant poker player with little confidence until I started watching your vlogs. I have learned so much from you. I am a much more confident player now thanks to you. Please keep the vlogs coming. If you ever get back to Maryland Live, I will absolutely be there !

  8. You’re a legend , I wish you nothing but GREAT RUNS , you helped me understand poker so fast it’s truly amazing

  9. Congratulations on the poker room and the year you had in 2021. Thank you also for your style of the blog love the content

    1. It’s a good day everyday that we live in a world where we can get vaccinated to continue living our lives as normal

  10. Love watching you play Brad. I just started playing like a year ago and watching you has really helped me learn a lot. Great player and great dude keep it up.

  11. I bet episode 200 will be very special, It’s been very interesting to see how you progressed in the poker field and the YouTube realm in the last 4 years ! Cheers Brad and good luck to you in 2022

  12. I’m 21 and you’re my absolute inspiration. I try to play at least once a week and being able to watch your hands live and the way you play adds an awesome new perspective. Thanks for making mine and many others day when we see a post.

  13. Honestly, I’m happy to see the vlog before going to bed. always puts a smile on my face to see you play brad!

  14. Brad, my buccaneers were just eliminated from the playoffs. These videos are the only thing pushing me through at the moment. Thank you

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