Quads for Allen Cunningham at World Series of Poker!

Allen Cunningham does what Allen Cunningham does best, get his challengers to make a relocation that benefits him tremendously!

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Quads for Allen Cunningham at World Series of Poker!

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  1. Triplets hurts the most because you can’t see them coming. I know it’s quads.

    1. @@Prolific_Trollconfused me for a split second but technically correct because if you have a set of twos against trip aces then you actually have 2s full

    1. I mean dude won over $12 million in live earnings you don’t just get to that amount by being a nit. He got to a point where he couldn’t find edge, the game passes him by and walked away.

    2. @@AT-qm8gvHe was a great player who figured out how to win with very limited information compared to today. For some reason people can’t factor that in when they criticize players in the past.

    3. @@AT-qm8gvI mean just because he won a lot of money at the time doesn’t discredit what this guy said. 99% of top pros from pre 2005ish would get crushed at even home games today. The game has evolved 100x just in the last 15 years

    1. He went back to his former job of being a giant head statue on easter island.

  2. I like getting quads..
    I don’t know about anybody else but I do🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. Similar thing happen to me with K-K and a guy trying to steal a smaller all-in with Q-J. I had the chips counted when he caught a straight on the river.

  4. 앞에서 치고나오는대 최소 투피인대 그걸 뒤에서 올인치내’ㅋ’ㅋ
    저런 머저리가 다있노

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