QUADS at $2,450,000 High Stakes FINAL TABLE!

QUADS at $2,450,000 High Stakes Last TABLE!
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In this video, we review Phil Ivey's attempt to win the $50,000 buy simply put Deck tournament at the MILLIONS Sochi Super High-stakes Gambler Series. Featuring pros like Cary Katz, Sam Greenwood and a lot more! Which hand was your favorite?

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QUADS at $2,450,000 High Stakes FINAL TABLE!

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    1. They’re playing short deck poker where all the 2s through 5s have been removed. With that it makes a flush rarer than a full house.

    2. try to play all the variations so you know for sure that 4 card pot limit omaha hi and hi lo are the best variations for serious poker.

    3. I was screaming at my Laptop as well, How is Flush winning full house ??, Short deck is stupid game FFS

    4. @@jgod9788 Would have been nice if the commentators had bother to mention that, they had one job!

  1. Ivey seems to always start playing loose towards the end of a tournament, not saying he’s not a Great player, just a observation

    1. I’m not a fan,he comes off cold on TV,never smiles,no personality. Looks miserable.

    2. ​@@howardweinstein1324imagine everyone in the poker world let alone anyone who knows of him everyday wanting to take a picture or talk to you about bullshit they think it’s cool or their favorite Phil Ivey memory or remember when…. you’d be miserable looking and acting too. Just my opinion

    3. I think the less people on the table the smaller hands hold more strength,
      At a table with 8 people and you have A 4 or K 9 somthing like that chances are someone will have better
      But with 2 3 people left chances are you have the best hand and would push

  2. I’m I missing some thing, why are they showing Ivey winning the hand. He has the nut flush, where Yong has a full house.

    1. I thought i went crazy, but im glad im not the only one noticed it.

    1. Please elaborate, I’m really curious. Why does the nuts lose to a flush in short deck?

    2. @@Theo-tr8tushort deck has less cards so card variants are different. Much more difficult to drill a flush than it is to get a board in short deck whereas if they’re using all 52 cards its the other way around

  3. Short Deck holdem is a different game than normal holdem. Flushes beat full houses in this game.

  4. What’s the reason Phil Ivey slow rolled the ace quads when he raised on the river?

  5. 13:40 Why is this flush by Ivey winning when his opponent had a boat? I really dont get it!

    1. Because they are playing without 2s, 3s, 4s and fives ( shortdeck ) flush is rarer, so stronger than full house in this mode.

  6. Phil should have won with this AA’s. He still better than any of his opponents.

  7. Kenak 3pair 4 basama dan Royal.nangis semua xkan lhooi Pak.supernya buat kalian 😅😅😅😅😅

  8. Hoki ngak mungkin datang setiap saat tau diri ajalah.hiburan boleh profesi aku bukann😂😂😂

  9. Aku tau ketat tapi banyak embel embel a0eninton jadi Curiga iyakann😮😮😮

  10. thats crazy phil clearly outplayed this kid in lots of hands but still lost cause of bad luck, sometimes I hate poker

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