Polk vs Carrel Twitter Spaces Showdown, DNegs vs Persson High Stakes Duel – DAT Poker Pod Ep #142

0:00 Introduction, Twitter Spaces, Doug Vs Charlie
polk area
11:00 Clip from Doug and Daniel's discussion
29:50 High Stakes Battle Recap
43:00 Berkey vs Airball Outcomes
46:40 Man Wins Ladies Occasion In Florida
52:45 $25k Fantasy Guideline Changes
1:02:00 Chatter, Bets, Shaun Deeb
1:09:00 Doing the pod in Areas

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Polk vs Carrel Twitter Spaces Showdown, vs Persson High Stakes Duel – DAT Pod Ep #142

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  1. It’s a Good Friday when you boys drop a pod!! Good luck to our boys Dnegs and Terrence in the upcoming WSOP 🏆🏆

  2. The unwillingness of seemingly every respected Poker voice to condemn Berkey’s behaviour/statements on the twitter space in question is quite interesting to me. I thought everyones big issue is how terrible bulling is? Not a peep about Berkey’s impromptu how to make malicious bullying statements 101 course…

    1. At least we got a hillarious video out of it, I have to admit, the Mean Girls cut ins had me rolling

    2. Gavin Morrison – I agree, The silence was deafening. At least Berkey showed why he is so unlikable in a very ostentatious way. I saw all 4 1/2 hours of Doug’s stream and Berkey was a disgrace. Doug was inconsistent with egregious double standards that he is still unable to recognise it. Galfond was clueless and his previous rant was totally wrong and unnecessary. Dnegs tried to bring all to a sensible middle ground but these other drama queens are flaunting their feminine side without the competence or context most women have.

  3. When I noticed this video was 70 mins long I was like I’ll last maybe 5 I’m now I’m min 23 and loving it. Great content gents!!

    1. Have you never listened to this show? It’s one of the better poker podcasts.

  4. I don’t see how further empathising child molesters would lead to less child molestation to me it just leads to normalising clild molestation which only leads to increase it.

  5. Two things:

    1. Can we get that Dan vs Dan vs Dan etc game, that Doug Polk was talking about the other day?

    2. I would graciously make you guys a new layout and a much nicer looking overlay for your stream. The circles are weird; at the beginning I literally thought it was a recap or something. When you showed the picture of Daniel in the muscle suit, we couldn’t even see it. It just feels like with very little work this pod could look a lot better for the YouTube audience. Get at me.

  6. The term “steelmanning” might be useful for Doug. I agree he just snipes at minor points rather than trying to jnserstand what the other person is getting at. Defeat their strongest argument you can imagine not the one they made which has some holes

  7. Really true words totally agree with the difficulty for people that arent in tune with mental health

  8. Disclosure of a directly competitive website is absolutely required. We all think we know people, who have unbeknownst to us, commited atrocities behind closed doors. Also, just because YOU trust him doesn’t mean the rest of us should be default. Remember, we aren’t part of your inner circle of cool kids.

  9. I’m with Terrance…. Let’s just bink the 1st WSOP tournament and go ham!

  10. Hey Daniel, can you please create a video on how many players misunderstand the concept of blockers and use it to justify bad every bad decision they make. Moreover, just because you have blockers doesn’t mean your opponent does not have the hand/range you “block” especially if every other piece of evidence says otherwise.

    1. For more on this subject I refer you to every call made by Robbi. “If I didn’t have the J of clubs. If I didn’t have the K of hearts” U have jack high Robbi. It doesn’t matter if its the Jack of clubs…

  11. Airball has to be one of the hardest players to watch. He seems like a real pain. That clip of him trying to drunkenly flirt with Jen Tilly was SO uncomfortable.

  12. sorry…watched the torelli clip live many times…he 100% was angleshooting. he immediately asked if he saw those chips after the all-in. never have seen that in a streamed game before or since

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