Polarizing Poker Player CRUSHES Super High Stakes Week

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Executive Manufacturer: Nick Vertucci.
Executive Producer: Ryan Feldman.
Head of Video Production: Kyle Ravreby.
Partner Producer: Neve Levy.
Audio Technician: David Olivares, Gerry Feldman.
Graphics Professional: Mike Peluso.
Video Production: Aatmaj Kapoor, Nathan Ramirez, Christian Pangrazio.
Animation: Alejandro Indriago.
Casino GM: Shaun Yaple.
System Engineer: Brett Drolet.
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl.
Special Thanks to the Flynt Family.

$ 3.1 MILLION!! Tom Dwan Wins Most Significant Pot in Televised Poker History.
Top 10 Hands of The Million Dollar Game Day 1.
$ 2.25 MILLION POT!! Wesley Gets Redemption in 2nd-Biggest TV Hand Ever.
Maniac Bluffs $1 MILLION & Doug Polk Has POCKET ACES.
$ 1.1 MILLION POT !! Doug Polk Calls Clock on Tom Dwan.
Biggest in Poker TV History?!? Rampage Pushes in Million Dollar Video Game.
Sickest Cooler Ever!! Straight Flush vs Ace High Flush for $610,000!!
AA vs KK vs KK! Sickest Hand in Poker History!
Leading 20 Hands of the Year for 2022!!
Leading 25 Greatest Pots of 2022!!!
One Of The Most Outrageous Hero Contact Poker History.
$ 1.2 MILLION POT !! Alan Keating Wins the Biggest Pot in U.S. Poker Broadcast History.
Leading 10 Hands of 2021.
MrBeast Wins $439,000 vs Poker Pros & Streamers.
SET OVER SET !!! vs Wesley for $193,000.
SLOWROLL!!! Adelstein vs Dylan Gang for $186,000.
$ 390,000 POT!!! Garrett Adelstein vs Dylan Gang.
Leading 5 Tom Dwan Hands from Super High Stakes Poker.
TOP 10 BLUFFS OF 2021.

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Polarizing Poker Player CRUSHES Super High Stakes Week

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  1. Have to wonder if Martin is really a normal person but his strategy is just to make everyone as uncomfortable as possible. Or that’s just how he is.

    1. Would love to see him play against Erik Persson… the banter.. wow

    2. It’s definitely a strategy. The funniest was when he was pretending to mark cards in that super high roller with million dollar pay jumps lmao.
      That was a little out of line, but he knows he’s at a disadvantage against a bunch of robots. Not saying Kahbrel isn’t good at poker tho, he’s just not the best and he knows it.

  2. Martin gives mega action but is a very veeeery solid player. Better than most if not all HCL regs. The way they were crying the other night about him joining the game was pathetic… Airball & co just can’t stand NOT being the centre of attention aaaall the time

    1. In fairness, wasn’t it 6AM and they were in a 24 hour session? Dude shows up all well rested after walking out the first day because of a “meeting”. I love Martin, but 100% wouldn’t want to play him on no sleep. And they don’t have to…

    2. @@SleezeJest yeh, but the guy puts in 50k pre with AJo… it’s not rocket science.

    3. ​@@SleezeJestthey wanted no part of martin cuz he’s a world class player and the stakes don’t bother him. One hand Andy put a big river bluff on him and Martin shoved it right in his face. Martin isn’t close to as annoying as nik imo

    1. no he understood ,,jacks” for a set of jacks..i think it was legit smh

  3. …And that was his first and last time playing at HCL. What a shitshow you guys managed to pull off with him. Flies all the way in from Europe and gets treated like dirt. Lots to learn from!

    1. HCL doesn’t like players like him,never good for their businesses and by that i mean HCL will never entertain serious pro players like him daily

  4. Must invite Martin back again. He is what HCL needs to boost up its ratings.

    1. @@jeroen7716 I wouldnt want someone that noone at the table likes joining mid game 8 hours in either.

  5. The double standards are crazy between european and US players. Nik NITBALL is way more annoying but Martin gets the hate.

    1. Nik is the type of American who never leaves the country. Is completly unclultured. And thinks Americans are the centre of the universe when the general consensus across the world is of the completely opposite opinion. I just got back from Czech. People are far far nicer. Or to be exact. Less annoying ones. Nik is a complete prat compared to Martin. And Martin is by far the better player. Nik goes to games because people can milk him.

    2. @@JoeskiPolski That’s kinda how it works though. If you’re crushing people, be nice about it. If you’re paying for people’s vacation home, you can be as annoying as you want.

  6. The more I watch Martin, the more I like him. I hope to see him play more on these streams.

    1. Ain’t no way in hell this guy had a meeting to attend. He got the dough and hit the do’.

    2. Might be fun to watch but he isn’t well liked in the pro community. He his known for marking cards in tournaments.

    3. @@andrewmorgan1051and that’s a fact. He got done in Slovakia and ain’t allowed back!

    4. ​@@andrewmorgan1051hes never been caught marking cards. People just accuse him of that. It would be a pretty easy thing to catch if he was actually marking cards.

  7. Much rather see Martin play on stream than nik. Seems like Martin actually knows what he’s doing.

  8. Martin is the definition of: You don’t know how good you have it, until its gone 😂 Martin is the life of the party! His introduction to Mo hilarious 😂🤣

  9. I love Martin. And I love how all the snowflakes let themselves get so sauced up by him 🤣🤣

  10. I like Martin he is funny and fun to watch who cares what the players feel it’s poker don’t bring your feelings to the table that said. This is what the show needs because without him it was very boring to watch

  11. Most people are scared of him. When Martin tries to sit down on part 3 of 24hr, Andy asks Charles in Chinese why they don’t want to play with him and Charles replies that Martin is very, very good

    1. It’s Mandarin not Chinese. Andy asks Chas if he can play The Great Stalacpipe Organ well and then he replies with yes he velly good. I have a masters in languages and can speak 14 different languages 9 in a fork tongue. Hiawatha 🐤

  12. Martin. Big fan. I don’t think, overthink. Do ethics. It’s poker. Great play; nice win. 👍🏻

  13. Martin was the most entertaining player HCL have had in a long time he is an incredible player brings way more action than most of the others on the table. They were all moaning because he is good in fact too good for most of them hence why he walked away in profit. Didn’t see anyone else put his full stack 4 hands in with a bluff. The guy is class I love watching him destroy other so called good players

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