PokerGO Cup $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Event #1 Final Table with David Peters & Alex Foxen

The 2023 season is formally underway with the PokerGO Cup Occasion # 1 last table in Las Vegas! Enjoy this whole last table free of charge with commentary provided by Remko Rinkema and Donnie Peters. This last table is headlined by David Peters, Alex Foxen, Sean Winter, Joseph Cheong, Adrian Mateos, Orpen Kisacikoglu, and Anthony Hu.

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PokerGO Cup $10,000 No Limit Hold'em Event #1 Final Table with David Peters & Alex Foxen

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  1. that call againt mateos ….. legendary……. like how did foxes make that call …. just crazy 😮

  2. Foxen always watching when he’s not involved in the hand trying to gain information for future hands…

    1. i swear the way he stares its so creepy like u want me to take my shirt off? lol

  3. Poker is becoming like NASCAR where the same ten people make the final laps.

    1. That’s nothing new sir. That very analogy is what people used to use to explain why it’s a skill game to people who didn’t understand going back decades.

    2. because its a show this is not real life and is the same people that have enough to lose on big bluffs

  4. I’m very surprised that the overlay system they use can’t take the cards that the players are holding, they display them on the screen during play, and remove them from the outs someone needs to win the hand.

    1. that’s because you count those cards when considering your outs while playing poker, you dont know what cards are dead when you’re actually playing, so this makes it realistic. I hate when streams show equities based off dead cards because its not a fair representation

  5. 2:24:21 – 2:25:14 here I thought D.Peters just forgot he was playing a tournament LOL 😂

  6. Can you guys put your mics to the same volume. Its annoying turning the audio up and down. Not sure what commentator it is but his mic is so quiet it blends in with the players on the table.. may as well mute the tabe and have only one commentator.

  7. Lex always hammers on the fact you need to keep patient and disciplined when short stack. Imo. This table proofs that.

    1. in the few 100 tourneys i played when i got to the ft the chipleader never seems to win, talkin like 1$-5$ tourneys lol

  8. What was that at the end? Bad blood between those 2? No congratz or hand shakes? Just awkward….

    1. Who wants to shake Alex Foxen’s hand? He has no respect for his fellow humans, is an anti vaxxer

  9. all these jealous watchers wishing they could get paid to talk about poker

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